Plinth and more....

The amazing location at the OUUR office in Copenhagen, 
beautiful warm colours on the walls, great new supplements to current collections and 
the introduction of the Plinth table...

The FB-publicaton of the second round of the Modern Reimagined shoot
 by Menu really made me smile today!

                                                                                                                                                                      Photos Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen


splashed Easter eggs

photos elvs

Yesterday we did some last minute Easter egg decoration
ofcourse we have our painting egg tradition but always as a kind of
 last minute diyproject I guess
 I don´t mind a lot about Easter decorations
 the boys are getting bigger and prefer the chocolate versions ;-) 

just love the upcoming splashing trend that we see more and more
a trend that inspired me to create my own minimalistic Easter
beautiful and simple as I love it so much!

Happy Easter everyone, hope you and your family will have a great time!

                                                                                                                diy needings: eggs, ink, straw


The Råcksta mansion

beautiful stoves (oh these green tiles), chest panels, 
painted ceilings, stunning dubble doors,  roof beams, 
do I have to say more? 

 this amazing mansion from the 1700's 
with its beautiful original authentic details combined with 
modern furniture, stunning prints and artwork and fresh greens 
 is a real source of inspiration
spread over several attractive living areas...


stool love - Last

I always had this love for stools and tabourets
Spread in our House you can find different types of them
I think stools are perfect for many purposes 
especially if you have a smaller home like we do.

This Last stool, designed by Max Lamb for scandinavian brand Hem,
is a real eyecatcher don't you think so?
Each of the spotted metal Last Stool Splatter seats is
 patterned by hand and I just love its minimalist design!

The Last Stool Splatter collection was created for Hem's showcase
 for the exhibition at Milan and will be available in cream, 
white, green and black editions

read all about the stool here

                                                                                                                        found via Dezeen with thanks!


1 room + 1 kitchen

 timeless, simple and a warm atmosphere created by
stylish details in black, white, grey and brown...

Just admired this beautiful place for sale and I thinks it's so great
 how stylist Linnea Salmen decorated this 21 sqm apartment
and made it look like a spacious home

perfect weekend inspiration, 
wish you all a happy one :-)


lamplove - Carrie

So inviting and just perfect for late summer nights in the garden 
or as a stylish accessory in our homes...

Can't wait to admire the stunning new lamp created for Danish brand Menu... 


DADADUM - Swiss design

just before the launch of their beautiful website 2 months ago,  I made acquaintance
 with a brand new Swiss design label - this label called DADADUM
 (founded by award winning graphic designer Demian Conrad)  is inspired by 
the great heritage of Swiss design but also very much by Scandinavian design. 

When I admired their kind present;  a Puscha toy (a minimalistic version of  the Swiss cow) 
 I was interested immediately in the other products of their "homegoods"collection
 which consists beautiful minimalist furniture and accessories

Today I received the latest press release of their
new riviera tables made of carrara marble and it looks amazing! 
In addition to the quality and the design of the products the brand paid much attention 
to the presentation and the styling work which inspired me enormously!
beautiful simplicty and pure eyecandy in my mailbox toay...
see and read more here


kidsroom inspiration

Love the nostalgic atmosphere created by the mix of  vintage, 
industrial accessories and beautiful blueshades
such a perfect place for kids to spend their spare time or 
to celebrate their weekend when school is over...

starting my weekend with the creative kidsroom ideas of  
seen at the latest issue and at the website of  VT wonen 
wish you all a happy one!

                                                                                                                                                          photos: Jeroen van der Spek


details - in my bedroom

I love the little details... I have said it before but I really think
they always make the difference!

  Inspired by the beautiful accessories of the latest Design letters collection,
based on some new discovered patterns designed by Arne Jacobsen
that I have admired at their press presentation in Kopenhagen two weeks ago, 
I have changed things up in my bedroom by moving some things and by having some of 
my new most wanted AJ pieces around me like the floral bedcover, 
the gorgeous green AJ Royal Vintage vase and the travelbook with its geometric pattern.
All beautiful, but different pieces - I just can not choose a favorite... do you? 

Just love the stunning contrast between the crispy whites and the varied added details
 another changingmood in my bedroom...  Today some snapshots!

ps. thank you so much Design letters and fonQ.nl for inviting me and to make my acquaintance with the two sides of AJ

                                                                                           white duvet cover "purity"by Crispsheets


for sale - 20 stylish square meters

Already blogged about her gorgeous -20 square meters-  apartment before (here), 
So when I saw that Swedish stylist Josefin Haag and her wife are
selling their "one room home" I immediately visited broker Fantastic Frank
to admire the latest details of this beautiful monochrome and 
creative home that inspired me very often in the past and still does!

find all the details here and be inspired!


forms of the natural landscape - SS2016 by COS

Inspired by the shifting forms of the natural landscape
  COS made the Attuned collection for woman and it looks so pretty!

fold-over denim dresses,  rounded wide-leg trousers, gorgeous sandles, 
a-line and asymemetric tops, curved seam dresses 
such a great start of the season... 

really can't wait to admire the 2016 spring/summer collection and 
getting ready for the new season!