stylist love - Josefin

 Already saw some details from the shoot 
on her instagram account last week
but from this week we can admire 
the first creative work of  talented Swedish stylist
Josefin Hååg for fantastic frank on their site

beautiful inspiration in subtile softtones and grey
 with stunning details (love the bedroom wallpaper) 
and great contrasts (oh that kitchen...)
yes I just love it all...  what do you think?
see more of the apartment  here



photos elvs

Starting this Monday with some snapshots
that I made last week
while doing some styling and shooting work
for dutch webshop Via Martine

Via Martine has launched their new products last friday 
and I just love the gorgeous #modelphotography (made by Lotshots)  prints, 
cards and posters on paper, forex and canvas
and the different styles (9 models) that are available now!

being surrounded by so much beauty made it easy to create 
the stylish and serene atmosphere that Martine - owner of Via Martine - 
loves so much and that gave me lot's of energy... 
just love this job :) 

find all about the new stunning Via Martine products here
and have a happy new week! 

Via Martine prints all your instagram pictures on various products, 
as cards, forex, polaroids or magnets or as a calender. 
These modelphotography posters and prints are a great addition to their collection


apartment love

black, white, a mix of greyshades and green
lots's of fresh green everywhere...

starting this friday with
this gorgeous monochrome apartment for sale
with its spacious and airy atmosphere
created by the high ceilings, the amazing light and 
white wooden floors.

another great and stylish (love the details) stadshem apartement to inspire...
just love to visit the Swedish brokerage sites!
see more here

wish you all happy friday!

                                                                                    styling: Emmahos.se


green inside

 pure eyecandy...
such a warm atmosphere and so much details to admire
I lóóóvve this beautiful botanical home
with the bamboo and vintage (industrial) furniture, 
 lot's of different greens and 
all these inspiring original accessories.

great stylingwork by Cleo Scheulderman for VTwonen
and so inviting to celebrate spring...

click here to see it all!

                                                                                                             photos Alexander van Berge


chair love

perfect for my future workspace
but also a great chair to have in our dinner- or livingroom
with its clear lines and comfortable design 
(especially with the added padded upholstery)

starting this Monday with this (already) IKEA classic 
the graphical Esbjörn chair 
(designed in collaboration between Ebba Starndmark and Jon Karlsson) 
wish you all a happy new week! 


all white

 maybe you have seen it already, 
this home was shared on many blogs this week
but I really fell for this amazing
all-white (with a subtile touch of blue) minimalistic apartment for sale 
with its stunning dreamkitchen (ooh... the marble Carrara countertop)
but to be honest... just love it all! 

just a perfect hometour to start the weekend...
wish you all a wonderful one!


on my table

 photos elvs

love my little magnolia branche 
in the stylish marble photo/paperholder 
of  dutch webshop Lijns.nl
it's perfect to create a little stilllife/moodboard on your table
just some photos, prints or graphic cards and 
a touch of spring...
simple can be so beautiful!

ps. LIJNS.nl a webshop specialized in marble products and home accessories
at their site you can also find a few stunning (free) downloads of graphic prints (click here


natural minimalism


Just admired this stunning renovated old townhouse 
 (64-square-metre)  in Osaka Japan
with its beautiful open spaces, where white curtains replace walls 
and where you can find only two doors

Just love the warm minimalistic atmosphere
created by the use of soft natural light, wood,
 re-used materials, natural floors and a lot of whites
great inspiration seen at Dezeen... 
read all about it here

                                                                                                                               photos by Yoshiro Masuda


workspace love

really like this creative workspace
decorated by Pia Krøyer and Christina B. Kjeldsen
 seen at boligmagasinet
it made me think of one of my little DIY projects at home a while ago (here)
 it's so great to play with greens!

I would love to be surrounded by these greens, 
recycled cans and the artwork
 - simple hung up with hooks and some tape - and the 
industrial atmosphere created by the vintage furniture at my office!

it's so great in all its simplicity and just perfect for my monday mood...
wish you all a happy new week!

Find more tips to decorate your moodboard here

                                                                                                                                photo: Heidi Lerkenfeldt


blue, grey and a touch of...

photos elvs

I admit... I didn't dare to paint my walls 
but inspired by all the dark bleu- and grey shades
that we see these days in the blogosphere
I created a new look in my bedroom
simply by changing some little details and again
 I must say they really made me the difference!

totally in love with the stunning contrast between 
the blue/grey shades, the black and the white
beautiful simplicity... what do you think? 

Starting my weekend early today,  
hopefully it will be a happy and sunny one!
enjoy :)


the house of Elisabeth heier

finally it's online... 
the beautiful bright and very stylish house
of always inspiring  (yes.. i am a great admirer of her warm style) 
interior designer and blogger Elisabeth Heier

 read all about her at bo-bedre here 


senses - kinfolk

Yesterday I admired the beautiful article and photos (Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen)
 about the importance of the five senses for interior
 at the latest - the entrepreneurs - issue of Kinfolk magazine

An inspiring tour of stunning Copenhagen spaces,
 to share how we can pay attention to help our visitors feel at home, 
started with the first sense "Sound" at the amazing minimalistic 
showroom of design textiles manufacturer Kvadrat
read and see more about it here


a slow start

surrounded by wood beamed ceilings, natural tones, 
white plastered walls, stone elements, 
combined with tasteful modern design, vintage furniture
and very inspiring books on my desk
I really could enjoy a slow start of the week 
at this beautiful minimalistic and serene workspace 
seen here

have a wonderful new week!