bedroom love

spacious bright rooms with wonderful original details
as the herringbone floor
and the french door out to the balcony
and I just lóóóve the beautiful grey bedlinen'...

just found my perfect bedroom in this gorgeous minimalistic apartment 

Have a great weekend :-)

                                                                                                                         via fantastic frank with thanks!


K desk

 functional, clean and elegant
 designed for children
and so beautiful...

Really fell for the K desk designed by Rafa-kids
a studio owned by an architect couple and based in Rotterdam (NL)
Agata takes care of the esthetic side of the designs and 
her husband Arek is the technical brain of the duo. 

 K desk is made from Finnish birch wood and plywood and can be 
set in two different positions: an open and close one 

see and read more here and here

                                                                                                                       photos via Rafa-kids blog with thanks! 


from my garden

instapics elvs

today some #green instashots 
at rainy grey days like today
the fresh combination of these wonderful
leaves and flowers really make me smile...

Have a great day!



Starting my new week with some images 
of the inspiring office of Sigrun from the interior blog skrinet-mitt
just love her beautiful minimimalistic styling
and her ongoing inspiration

 simplicity in black and white and a touch of wood
see more of her stunning home (just look at her bedroom)
at her IG-feed here and on her blog here 

wish you all a happy new week!

                                                                                                                                                   photos skrinet-mitt with thanks!


outdoor inspiration


Starting my weekend with some outdoor inspiration
love all these great ideas 
 seen  in the blogosphere this week
on how to decorate your garden in a simple way
by mixing new furniture, design, vintage or some flea finds
just click on the numbers to read and see more 
and have a wonderful weekend! 


warm and cozy

 the bamboo cabinets in the bathroom
and the beautiful bamboo kitchen
really caught my eye
so beautiful in contrast with the black kitchen cabinets
the lamps and the black metal locker

Love the wonderful mix of vintage, design,
 wood, black and the created warm and cozy atmosphere
 in this newly built modern house at Copenhagen
see more here and have a great day! 

                                                                                                                     photos: Karsten Damstedt via boligliv with thanks



pics elvs

today some snapshots 
really enjoyed the wonderful sunny springdays lately
it's so great to be outside as much as possible
 but I also love the sunlight in the house
and to create a fresh summer atmosphere
with some simple details 
love these pictures in soft green tones (found in VOGUE NL)
 combined with my favorite images 
of beautiful Kate made by photographer Corinne Day
 beauty can be so simple...
Have a great day!



beautiful simplicity
great styling by Sarah van Peteghem 
 and such a wonderful details 
(look at  these magazine straps designed by Mathilda Clahr,
 the stunning Bergman lightsthe andtradition furniture 
and so much more) 

love to start the weekend with 
this tasteful Berlin apartment for sale
 with a neutral mix of black, white and natural accents 
see more at fantastic frank here 
and have a happy and sunny weekend ;-) 

ps. this weekend you can visit a whole new slow design, food & lifestyle event
 The festival features presentations by designers,  pop-up stores, specials in existing shops and
 exhibitions at the Panorama Mesdag and the communications Museum.



a stunning webshop filled with awesome
(industrial) vintage furniture, rugs and special deco pieces
just loved the amazing styling and the very inspiring location

 fashion brand Scotch and Soda from Amsterdam 
has launched their webshop "collectables" a little while ago 
and consists of 200 unique vintage pieces from all over the world!

to give a personal touch to your interior or just to be inspired 
see more here and here

                                                                                                photos by Anne Dokter


my little ikea hack

pics elvs

a  few weeks ago I wrote about the Ikea ps 2014 collection
and from the first moment  I saw them
(despite the fact that I didn't like the used colors) 
one of my favorite accesories of that collection

loved the shapes
and the fact that you can vary the look of the vases 
and choose what you want to keep in them by changing the lid

inspired by so much amazing modifications on - and simple addings 
of Ikea products seen at the original ikea hackers site
and to give it my own twist 
i bought my favorite colors in spray paint  
and made my own little ikea hack
what do you think? 

ps. did you ever "hacked" an Ikea product? 
Would love to see yours so please let me know!


black, white and wood

this weekend I admired this wonderful family home
of Steven and Carole Whiting, owners
 of architecture and interiors firm Whiting Architects 

Love their great taste and decoration ideas
but most of all  the beautiful and timeless combination 
of black, white and a wood...

perfect to start this new week
wish you all a great one! 



Wish you all a fantastic Sunday and a happy Mother's day 
for those who celebrate it today!



 pics elvs

enjoying a day off at home
love the fresh green details from my garden
today some instashots...

have a great friday!

ps. don't forget to join the beautiful "mooisenmeer giveaway" here
it's open for everyone and closes monday the 12th of may


styling love


I was attracted by the beautiful clark desk, 
 the amazing knitted lights
and her inspiring geomatric prints (soon available in her shop) 
in this stunning house for sale

already said it before (here)
 love the very creative -styling- work of Sarah van Peteghem
 (designer and blogger at  coco lapine design )
in another beautiful shooting and collaboration 
with design company Llot Llov  and fantastic frank.de 
see more here


annaleena's hem

beautiful minimalism in black and white 
with a touch of green and oooh that brass lamp....

love love love the gorgeous new home 
of talented  interior stylist/designer Annaleena Leino
in Stockholm 
that is featured in the latest
Residence magazine (if only I could have one...) 

see more of her home and her beautiful work here
                                                                                                            photos: Kristofer Johnsson via Annaleena with thanks