memories on paper

pics elvs

 starting this weekend with some snapshots I made this week
it was sober and cold outside
which created beautiful grey shades in my house
perfect to make some pics of this new still-life with
these beautiful memories on paper and some stuff 
love the simple...

have a wonderful weekend! 

ps. I ordered my IG prints at the beautiful printshop Via Martine...
 love the quality of their prints. have a look yourself
 it's such a very inspiring site with amazing pictures!




just crushed on this amazing apartment 
while visiting the Alvhem brokerage and interior site
I really love everything about it
the spacious rooms,
the tasteful minimalistic interior
that consist black, white and greyshades
and the amazing natural light
 see more here

Have a great day!


tine K home SS 2014

A catalogue filled with new and fresh ideas,
amazing styling and a very inspiring location
black, white, pale pink/softtones, but also washed out prints
the SS 2014 collection of TineK home
really made me smile....
see more here



 love the watercolor effect she used in soft brown and black colors
 beautiful and inspiring...  
the gorgeous new prints of Swedish calligrapher and designer Ylva Skarp

see more of her latest work here



pics elvs

today some snapshots 
 I was having this spring mood the other day
 cleaned my house
while creating a fresh and cosy atmosphere
with some simple details
just black, whites, greys and a touch of green
enjoying  the fact that beauty can be so simple...

wish you all a happy weekend!


Botkyrka shelves

More kitchen trendiness by Ikea
love these beautiful open shelves with their simple modern design!
 the Botkyrka wall shelves are made of powder steel 
and will be available in white, dark grey and yellow     
a real eyecatcher... 
                           Can't wait to admire them in the stores next week! (from 1 february)      


nordic details

This amazing minimalistic place 
- with its uniform colors, 
recycled framed windows from an abondoned factory
 beautiful mixture of materials
concete floors painted with epoxy
 and beautiful furniture and details
 by Eames, &tradition, Menu and Hay 
seen at femina.dk -
really made me smile today!

see more here

                                                                                                                   photos: Kira Brandt


float by muuto

I really love candlesticks
This time I fell for the latest model of Muuto called ' Float '
love their simple and stylish design
and it seems they spread a warm atmosphere especially if you group them 

 Float is designed by the Norwegian designers Anderssen & Voll 
and available in five trendy colours: 
Sand, Anthracite, Tangerine, Light Green and Yellow

What color would you choose?


stunning minimalism


 beautiful minimalism
two stunning apartments for sale
so peaceful and idyllic
 perfect inspiration by fantastic frank

have a wonderful Sunday and a happy new week !


Elena's home


a little while ago her home was featured at the  Llamas Valley Autumn issue 
and today she shared some photos who were not published online 
just lóóóvve her amazing apartment in Barcelona
her blog "facing north with gracia" and her beautiful feed on instagram
great weekend inspiration ...
the beautiful home of Elena Gardin
see more here and here

enjoy the happy things!

                                                                                     pictures Tim Adami


warm and soft

pics elvs

i  already loved this new trend in order to create warmth and coziness 
with goat- or sheepskins
when i was so lucky to win this beautiful organic icelandic sheepskin
at the Adventcalender at the inspiring blog and webshop
 filled with beautiful scandanvian design "la maison d'Anna G"
warm and soft
love the new cosy atmosphere in my house

have a great day!

                                                                                                                              my new favorite print via pinterest source ?



love the wonderful contrast between classic and modern and maritime and industrial
 the forms are based on that of a former maritime gaslamp
and designed by studio space Copenhagen for Danish design brand &tradition
they are available in five colours (really fell for the pink one)
and so beautiful...
"the Copenhagen Pendant " 

see and read more about it at Dezeen  here



I was really attracted by the beautiful accessories
and furniture in this gorgeous apartment for sale
some of them are on my wish list - as I already told you here for example -
they're so much details to admire...  what's your favorite? 

great styling work of the Alvhem brokerage & interior team 
hope it will inspire you too! Have a great new week...