weekend inspiration

love the amazing harmonious atmosphere at this apartment 
 created by the mix of warm natural tones, vintage finds, 
 the great stylish accessories in black, grey and white and fresh greens

this gorgeous apartment (from the 1930's) seen at Alvhem really inspired me!
love the three rooms in file, bathing in light by the presence of the amount of Windows,
the original double doors that separates the rooms and the amazing
 creative stylingwork ...  just love it all!!!

Wish you all a great weekend!

ps. I am starting the new month with a short break that we will spend in Denmark :)
really looking forward to explore Sj├Žlland, with my family this coming week
having lot's of fun, doing some shopping in Copenhagen, admire the beautiful nature
and just being lazy...  you can find me on instagram during my break, feel free to meet me HERE!

                                                                                                                                         photos by Cimek.se


Muuto news

Danish brand Muuto has introduced their new collection and when I opened my mailbox today
 I was attracted immediately by the amazing and inspiring images of their campaign...

I really liked the simple and elegant zigzag pattern of the PLY rugs which is based on
 traditional weaving methods and designed by Margrethe Odgaard 
but also by the new CONTROL lamp and the LEAN lamp. 

For me the real eyecatcher of the new additions are the amazing 
"FRAMED" mirrors with its color tinted glass in rose, taupe and grey and available 
in different shapes. The goal of design company Anderssen & Voll was 
 to design a mirror that was more than a smooth surface. 
I think Frame has become a decorative design object don't you think so? 

The new additions will be available in stores in April/May and I can't wait to admire them!


gardening inside

such an inspiring atmosphere and so much details to admire at these shelves
 filled with beautiful greens, accessories and needings to take 
care of the growing seeds and grocery plants at this studio 
where they celebrate the first signs of Spring!

I really love this indoor cultivation trend, our window sills are filled with jars 
with all kinds of seeds and I could admire this inspiring place above, 
with all its inspiring original accessories,  all day to get some new ideas.
It really makes me smile to see how we can make it possible to affirm this trend 
even if you live in a home without a garden or balcony and to realize you our own
inside garden in small indoor spaces...

great stylingwork by Daniella Witte for Livet Hemma and so inviting 
to celebrate spring... click here to see it all!


almond - COS SS16

"Effortless, almond-infused layers of cotton, silk and lightweight linen waiting to be explored for the warmer days ahead"

the beautiful soft tones and the distinctive shapes in my mailbox today
of the latest arrivals of the COS SS16 collection  really made me long for summer... 

There are so much beautiful items to admire
see more of the collection here and be inspired for some great sunny moments!



The stylish choices of colours, furniture and accessories and many 
unique and fine details as the amazing authentic 
double doors (that comes from an old castle) between the
 living room and bedroom painted in beautiful deep blue, 
 the heigh ceilings, deep window niches and old wooden floors
really made me smile today!

                                                                                       styling: Heymanbacklund  photos:  Jonas berg


Designletters bedroom styling + giveaway

photos elvs

a little while ago I have visited the press presentation of  the new Designletters collection 
at the royal SAS hotel Copenhagen (see hereTwo beautiful and very different starting 
collections,  where more new producs would be add continuously.

 I was looking forward to admire the launch of  these new produkts because I thought
 the new collections really are a complement  to the existing and well-known collection
 (vintage ABC) of the Danish brand and they really are!

Beside some new AJ vintage products as personal pillow cushions, 
ceramic accessories and stationery,  Designerletters has expanded their textile collection with 
more beautiful produkts of the Flower bedlinen. So when the Danish brand invited me to join a springbedroom styling challenge with some of their latest accessories I didn't have to
 think about it for very long...  I thought it would be fun to add them in my minimalistic
 monochrome bedroom and  to style them in my own personal taste.

 One of my new favorites is the bedspread. A bedspread which is usable on both sides. 
One side with the beautiful floral motif and the other in black. Another favorite is the 
wallhanger Cup up. Cup up is designed to place on the porcelain cups 
 but actually it can be used for multiple purposes as you can see above.

 The most positive thing that I have noticed while redorating my bedroom
is that all the Designletter produkts mix perfect together!  Whether this is Typografie, 
the AJ Royal vintage or the Flowers collection they all  mix and fitt in every style or room

Besides this great styling challenge I am really excited to be given the opportunity
by the kind people of Design letters to give you the chance to win the beautiful 
AJ vintage flower bed linen. This giveaway is running on my instagram account now
  (closes this Sundayevening 17/4/16) and can be found here! Good luck :-) 

 Up for some bedroom changes? On instagram you will find some great styling ideas by using hashtag #DesignlettersspringstylingSS16! 


timeless and simple

timeless, simple and a warm cosy atmosphere created by
the original details as the paneldoors, the heringbone floor and high ceilings,
 and  just a few stylish accessories  (love the transparent speaker) and furniture in 
black, white, grey and brown...

Just admired the latest stylingwork of  Josefin Haag for Fantastic Frank
 and I thinks it's so great how she made this 30 sqm apartment
 look like bright spacious home...


Cherry blossom love

the wonderful first signs of spring in my neigbourhood
really made me smile this week...

Please send more Spring!  

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