Muuto news

Danish brand Muuto has introduced their new collection and when I opened my mailbox today
 I was attracted immediately by the amazing and inspiring images of their campaign...

I really liked the simple and elegant zigzag pattern of the PLY rugs which is based on
 traditional weaving methods and designed by Margrethe Odgaard 
but also by the new CONTROL lamp and the LEAN lamp. 

For me the real eyecatcher of the new additions are the amazing 
"FRAMED" mirrors with its color tinted glass in rose, taupe and grey and available 
in different shapes. The goal of design company Anderssen & Voll was 
 to design a mirror that was more than a smooth surface. 
I think Frame has become a decorative design object don't you think so? 

The new additions will be available in stores in April/May and I can't wait to admire them!