therese sennerholt...


love the fab styling by Josefin Hååg and Rebecka Haymoz
beautiful probs from Lotta Agaton's shop

definitely on my wishlist...
 these amazing new prints and postcards 

Have a wonderful weekend!


 pics elvs

looking forward to the first advent sunday... 
the start of a beautiful and special period on our way to christmas
just bought 4 of these little candleholders 
beautiful simplicity... 

Happy friday... 

                                                                                                                                  little candleholders - madam stolz


peaceful grey

the greyshades
the wooden floors
the sobriety
and the design classics

really feld for this beautiful and peaceful place
of architect Marzio Cavanna
seen in the dutch elle deco... find more here



pic Annie Lindgren

# this image is from my dining room, where we usually end up #

I have always admired here gorgeous and inspiring blog 
rum for tva (her editors blog for livingby) and since the start, 
august this year, I also follow her new blog all is pretty 
that she describes  as "my very own inspiration blog"

while watching her amazing "every day life" instagram pictures
 I was wondering what would be her favorite corner at her home...
I have asked Annie to send one picture
simply supplemented with some words and this is her #instacorner...

you can find rumfortva on instagram here 
(rumfortva is private user  - entrance has to be requested) 

ps. thank you so much for your sweet comments on my post about 
my photo and styling workshop...   i was very lucky indeed...  
it was amazing and  it was such fun :-)


styling + pictures

pic elvs

 it was such fun and so inspiring 
learning about all these little tiny things that can 
affect a photo and discovering 
how big the differences can be by changing some details...

learned so much this weekend...
I toke part of this  photo and styling workshop 
given by talented stylist Paulina Arcklin 
at the amazing dutch Tine K showroom
feld so lucky to be there... 

Wish you all a happy new week!

ps. thank you so much Pauline and Tim and Tine K nederland for being so hospitable :-)



 pics elvs

Finished my christmas stuff check this week
by taking some snapshots 
 love the beauty of my hidden concrete wall,
this raw atmosphere and the simplicity!

wish you all a fabulous weekend... 

ps. i am so excited!  it will be such fun and so inspiring... 
this weekend i will take part of this amazing photo styling workshop 
by stylist Paulina Arcklin at the dutch Tine K showroom!!
tell you all about it later!



pics elvs

more christmas simplicity
like i said mine will be pure and sober
"all you need is less" will do this year...

yesterday my blog was one year old
i am so glad that i started... this year has given me so much... 
i have "met" many new and inspiring friends 
and sharing beautiful interior pictures and ideas is such fun 
thank you so much for following 
and all your nice comments... 

wish you all a happy friday!




 while admiring her amazing and always inspiring blog 
- beautiful described as a home, a story, a feeling and a smile - 
 I was wondering...    what would be her favorite corner at her home...

  I asked Jantine of April and May to send me her favorite pictures 
simply supplemented with some words 
 this is her #instacorner...  a little view in her living room

find aprilandmay on instagram here

    ps. are you on instagram? let me know if you like it ... 
and let's meet...   it's fun!


picture love

love this picture made by photographer andrea garuti
beautiful in all its simplicity,  inspiring white 
 perfect for a peaceful and quiet start of a new week
wish you all a very happy one!


"calendrier" love


last year Anne of the wonderful french blog les fifoles 
made her  fourth "calendrier de l'avent" 
every avent day she posted a beautiful christmas-mood image
 made by her as a tribute to bloggers that she admires...
these photos above were part of
you can find more "calendrier" eyecandy here

happy sunday!

ps. I am so honoured... my blog is nominated by Home24.nl 
as one of the 15 best blogs on decoration ideas and inspiring interior blogs!
 It would be so great if you all would vote for me
you can vote here! thank you :-)



 reading my new magazines 
lot's of beautiful christmas inspiritation
just having a lazy saturday morning...

wish you all a wonderful weekend!



pics elvs

the beauty of sobriety
matt and shiny
I think I will keep it simple this year...

I am so honoured... my blog is nominated by Home24.nl 
as one of the 15 best blogs on decoration ideas and inspiring interior blogs!
 It would be so great if you all would vote for me
you can vote here

wish you all a happy friday ;-) 


detail love

an entrance to dream off 
 a touch of colour inside
and so much beautiful details
love the styling of this house for sale

click here to see the whole apartment

                                                                                        pictures fantastic frank