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while watching her amazing blog - norwegian, simple and clean,  a monochrome palett.  scandanavian design,  beautiful black and white grey some brown and a touch of Color  - I was wondering...   
what would be her favorite corner at her home...

  I asked sweet Heidi of  "FRUFLY" to share her corner with us 
  simply supplemented with some words...  
she was so kind to send me her two favorite pictures
one on Instaformat and one the usual format
               this is her beautiful #instacorner

you can find FRUFLY on instagram here


ps. thank you so much for all your nice messages... they make me smile!


black.... and white

I totally fell in love...
beautiful close-ups 
amazing details
black and white




always inspired by her amazing work... 
great styling by

Have a fabulous new week!


green mood...

pics elvs

enjoying a lazy and cosy morning 
it's sober and rainy outside
made some snapshots the other day
my fav picture,  some green tape,  little glasses
and my new HAY hanger
love playing and changing... such fun!
black, white and a touch of beautiful green
looking forward for spring i quess ;-)

happy new week!

                                                                                                                                   glass van verre, glass cross hema 



# my couch. the place where I snuggle up often in the evenings, watching tv or reading lot's 
of magazines and blogs. It's a fine spot! Our living room is temporarily on our attic and we 
have succeeded  to create a fine atmosphere and where we can exclude the dust of down #

# the bathroom is also a fine and relaxing place in our house, especially our bubble bath ... #

# This is the project where we are very busy right now: the kitchen.  We renovate the 
kitchen all by ourselves so it takes a lot of time. I can't wait the moment until I can cook. #

 I admit... 
I have spend a lot of time on her inspiring blog 
admiring her beautiful pictures and following the projects 
of the renovation of their home, done all by themselves, 
from the top to the bottom and that started a few years ago

her instagram is a wonderful addition of Iris blog "Enigheid"
while watching her projects I was wondering
what would be the favorite corner at her home...
I have asked Iris to send me her pictures simply supplemented with some words 
and this is her #instacorner

you can find enigheid on instagram here

Happy friday ;-)
                                                                                                                                                     pics enigheid



just crushed on this amazing home/studio of 
furniture creatives Mueller and Walraven 
while visiting the gorgeous portfolio of 
photographer Mirjam Bleeker 
so simple and clean...
 see more here



pic elvs

a #brown 5shotchallenge invitation on my instagram 
took me out of my black and white comfort zone... such fun ;-)
thank you all for following and 
welcome sweet follower number 600 on instagram
you make my smile...

happy tuesday!



love the light... and the beautiful styling
just perfect these black and greyshades 
with a touch of green
great inspiration 

wish you all a happy new week!



a stylish black ribbon added around mirror kolja 
the beauty of simplicity 
amazing reflections
 great inspiration 
by stylist jacob hertzell for ikea's livet hemma

Have a great friday!



graphic lines and beautiful details 
a mix of
black and white 
beautiful soft tones
home made and design
panton, ikea, hay and eames
and a beautiful fireplace
see more of this beautiful home 
seen at femina.dk here



pics elvs

starting this new week 
with a tribute to black and white
some of my "last week snapshots"...
still lifes 
some made for my instagram
details in my house
which always seems to inspire me...

Have a happy new week!

ps. thank you so much for all your sweet messages on my birthday
I really had a fantastic day :-) 


a beautiful day...

pics elvs

started my day
with a little singing boy next to my bed 
lovely selfmade presents 
and a big smile
i'm celebrating my birthday today!

Have a beautiful day :-)



pic babyramen

# My favorite corner at the moment. Love the neural colors and the pillows.
   This is where I read, surf on my ipad and relax.Happy new year from Hanne # 

During the my short christmas break my instagram addiction has not disappeared
I think it has become worse ;-) I really enjoyed all the beautiful pictures.  
I have spend hours again, just admiring... or just having sneakpeeks in 
someones lives and homes... 

while watching her beautiful blog - She loves art, design, Japan, interior and good food 
and her blog is a mixture of everything she love's and adores -  I was wondering...   
what would be her favorite corner at her home...
  I asked  Hanne of  "Babyramen" to send one picture 
                 simply supplemented with some words...  and this is her #instacorner

you can find babyramen on instagram here 

Wish you all a wonderful day!

ps. thank you so much for all your nice messages... they make me smile!



pic elvs

 beautiful in all its simplicty
 black and elegant
love my candle holder Lup from HAY...

lucky me it's almost my birthday... there is also a copper version  ;-)