pic babyramen

# My favorite corner at the moment. Love the neural colors and the pillows.
   This is where I read, surf on my ipad and relax.Happy new year from Hanne # 

During the my short christmas break my instagram addiction has not disappeared
I think it has become worse ;-) I really enjoyed all the beautiful pictures.  
I have spend hours again, just admiring... or just having sneakpeeks in 
someones lives and homes... 

while watching her beautiful blog - She loves art, design, Japan, interior and good food 
and her blog is a mixture of everything she love's and adores -  I was wondering...   
what would be her favorite corner at her home...
  I asked  Hanne of  "Babyramen" to send one picture 
                 simply supplemented with some words...  and this is her #instacorner

you can find babyramen on instagram here 

Wish you all a wonderful day!

ps. thank you so much for all your nice messages... they make me smile!