tray love - Muuto platform tray

Besides our living room I think the most changed room of our house is the bedroom...
Mostly I'm inspired by some new beautiful accessories and it's so great because by
 changing only a few details you can  make a room look so different!

little changes like the color of the bedlinen, adding different shades of grey 
(or any other color) ,  displaced accesorries from the livingroom (like the take
 time clock by Pepe Heykoop), the beautiful new by Molle soft cushion made of
 natural linen and a stunning new tray...

that caught my eye immediately, when I visited the fonQ.nl online store,  was the 
platform tray.  In my opion a tray is a perfect accessory that can be used for many
 purposes and  in different spaces... Just perfect for a person who loves changes ;-) 

The Muuto platform tray is the first project launched by Muuto by designers 
who are not Scandinavian. The London studio of designers Sam Hecht and Kim Colin 
wanted to design an object that gave more from less; a product with duality
 that incorporates the idea of Scandinavian design by involving functionality
 on different levels combined with Japanese craft. 

The tray consists of a plastic container with four stubby feet and an oak veneer insert. 
The feet not only allow the container to be picked up and moved easily, 
but also act as a stacking method when one is put inside another.

Like I said above for me a tray is a perfect accessory to create beautiful corners and 
stillifes in your home. When you follow me on instagram you already might
 have seen some different styling ideas that I've shared... 
This coming few weeks I will show you more ideas by using the tray
in different ways and in different spaces would love to meet you there!

This post is made in collaboration with with FonQ.nl 
      opinion/styling/photos/text by elvs


Close Contact - kinfolk gallery

"The images highlight the contrasts and connections between geometric and anthropomorphic shapes, the latter referring to the Greek words anthropos and morphe meaning human form. Elements fundamental to our design process. The beautiful look and feel of leather is universal. In my mind, it stems from a connectivity with our own skin and a deeper, innate desire to connect with nature.”

Since its opening in 2016 this place is on my must visit list ...
The Kinfolk Gallery is a collaborative, multifunctional space in the heart of 
Copenhagen where kinfolk friends and partners come together 
to share ideas and showcase their work 

Last week I finally had the chance to visit the gallery and I was very lucky to be able
 to admire Close Contact - the just opened photography exhibition presented 
by Kinfolk and Sorensen Leather with original artworks by co-founder and 

Really enjoyed this intimate exploration of the sphere versus our own form,
the amazing artworks and the beautiful minimalist space... 
if you got the chance to visit; Close Contact can be seen at Amagertorv 14,
Monday to Friday from 10:00-16:00 until October 31st.

                                                                                                                        (phone) pics elvs


the LOFT hotel

high ceilings - magic light - in the middle of Arnhem -
old dance academy - you can buy everything that you see in the rooms 

As I said in my previous post my inspiration week began in 
Arnhem last weekend where I was invited for a try out of the brand new
 boutique hotel LOFT and it was stunning!

In the middle of Arnhem (an old city at the eastside of the Netherlands), 
located in an old dance academy, the renowned interior and lifestyle store loft has
 opened 2 spacious creative apartments (85 m2 and 150 m2)  decorated with furniture and 
accessories all available and for sale in the stores and it looks really amazing! 

Just loved the mix of the industrial elements of the building combined with the 
soft minimalist, natural and monochrome details... pure eyecandy and definitely 
worth a visit when you have plans to explore and discover this city where you can 
find a great variety of shops, restaurants, art, museums, culture and beautiful nature!

You can see and read all about the 2 different loft apartments here

                                                                                   thank you so much LOFT for the invitation it was great and such fun!                                                                                                                                                      photos: elvera van schaik - elv's


MUNK collective - The new

If you follow me on instagram you might have noticed that these past few days have been filled with inspiration... It all started at Arnhem this last weekend and ended up yesterday, at one of my favorite scandinavian cities Copenhagen, where I was invited to a special press launch from MUNK collective in their HQ presenting their new products. 

Besides their beautiful frame trays and the fact that Hans Peter Munk, the man behind MUNK collective, explored a succesfull interior and furniture store in Copenhagen, I wasn't very familiar with the latest developments of the brand  so I was very happy to be able to discover their beautiful and stylish products including the new products 

Like it just said Hans Peter Munk is the man behind MUNK Collective. He started his career at Muuto and Vipp but in 2012, he opened his MUNK store in Copenhagen. Since Hans Peter always had some designers and architects in his network, it was natural to hear if they had nothing in the drawers, which could be interesting for a small new design company to put into production The first product was the FRAME tray and it was released in three sizes and five different colors. The tray became a hit and after launching more products Hans Peter decided to close the store and focus on MUNK Collective. 

"MUNK collective is a design collective consisting of designers and architects. Hans Peter choses the designers and the designs, and he is therefore the one who choses the direction and the overall aesthetics of the brand.  MUNK collective is not necessarily a Scandinavian brand, and it does not matter whether our designers are from Seoul or Stockholm, Cape Town or Copenhagen. All that matter to us is that we see potential in the designs for our collection and in the designer for our collective."

For the latest four additions of the collection Hans Peter designed two of them. The stunning click lounge and climb. The click lounge chair is a piece of furniture that with a single simple click can be transformed into a lounge sofa and consists of a powder coated steel frame and a cold foam seat upholstered with Kvadrat fabric.

Climb is a shelving system which can be combined in several different ways.  
wall mounted or free standing, climb can be used in endless possible ways as you can let it climb up your wall, position one unit as a bedside table or use it as a small storage and is made of oak- or walnut-veneered board with sticks for stabilizing available in oak, warm grey and burnt umber.

The beautiful Blind lamp (my personal favorite) is designed by designers Anita Johansen and Laura Faurschou. The blind lamp refers to its name blind because of its ability to act as a blind thanks to the adjustable lampshade. choose from three different positions creating lighting for every occasion whether you are working or having dinner at the same table.

The completely silent Time clock is designed by designers Birgitte Due Madsen & Jonas Trampedach. A perforated steel plate was the starting point for the design of time clock. besides giving transparency and character to the wall-mounted clock, the hexagonal pattern gives prominence to the even numbers and allows time to be easily identified. A perfect minimalistic and timeless accessory for the home in my opion and available in redbrown and white. 

You can find more about Munk collective and their beautiful and original designs here


'18 by Marjolein Delhaas

  Always loved the unique minimalistic collection of planners and journals of 
 but this week Marjolein has launched the '18 collection and
 I totally fell for the stunning limited velvet edition in a beatiful nude tone.

beautiful simplicity and so elegant....
you can admire the whole new collection here

                                                                                                                      Photography Ingmar Swalue 


Ypperlig... finally!

Finally it will be in the stores very soon... from this week we will be able 
to admire the collection where a lot of us look forward to: 
the Ikea cooperation with Danish brand Hay - the Ypperlig collection - !

Already had a little list of the products that I would love to see  
but when I saw this stylish dining / workspace at home area (created by Pella Hedeby)  
with a range of the functional design furniture, 
I admit... I almost cant wait to see them and add 
some more favorites on my wishlist ;-) What are yours? 

Happy new week!