tray love - Muuto platform tray

Besides our living room I think the most changed room of our house is the bedroom...
Mostly I'm inspired by some new beautiful accessories and it's so great because by
 changing only a few details you can  make a room look so different!

little changes like the color of the bedlinen, adding different shades of grey 
(or any other color) ,  displaced accesorries from the livingroom (like the take
 time clock by Pepe Heykoop), the beautiful new by Molle soft cushion made of
 natural linen and a stunning new tray...

that caught my eye immediately, when I visited the fonQ.nl online store,  was the 
platform tray.  In my opion a tray is a perfect accessory that can be used for many
 purposes and  in different spaces... Just perfect for a person who loves changes ;-) 

The Muuto platform tray is the first project launched by Muuto by designers 
who are not Scandinavian. The London studio of designers Sam Hecht and Kim Colin 
wanted to design an object that gave more from less; a product with duality
 that incorporates the idea of Scandinavian design by involving functionality
 on different levels combined with Japanese craft. 

The tray consists of a plastic container with four stubby feet and an oak veneer insert. 
The feet not only allow the container to be picked up and moved easily, 
but also act as a stacking method when one is put inside another.

Like I said above for me a tray is a perfect accessory to create beautiful corners and 
stillifes in your home. When you follow me on instagram you already might
 have seen some different styling ideas that I've shared... 
This coming few weeks I will show you more ideas by using the tray
in different ways and in different spaces would love to meet you there!

This post is made in collaboration with with FonQ.nl 
      opinion/styling/photos/text by elvs