Close Contact - kinfolk gallery

"The images highlight the contrasts and connections between geometric and anthropomorphic shapes, the latter referring to the Greek words anthropos and morphe meaning human form. Elements fundamental to our design process. The beautiful look and feel of leather is universal. In my mind, it stems from a connectivity with our own skin and a deeper, innate desire to connect with nature.”

Since its opening in 2016 this place is on my must visit list ...
The Kinfolk Gallery is a collaborative, multifunctional space in the heart of 
Copenhagen where kinfolk friends and partners come together 
to share ideas and showcase their work 

Last week I finally had the chance to visit the gallery and I was very lucky to be able
 to admire Close Contact - the just opened photography exhibition presented 
by Kinfolk and Sorensen Leather with original artworks by co-founder and 

Really enjoyed this intimate exploration of the sphere versus our own form,
the amazing artworks and the beautiful minimalist space... 
if you got the chance to visit; Close Contact can be seen at Amagertorv 14,
Monday to Friday from 10:00-16:00 until October 31st.

                                                                                                                        (phone) pics elvs