the simple...

 pics elvs

hope you all had a wonderful christmas
it's been a bit quiet over here
I am enjoying my little blog break during the holidays
we have had some great days with my family

and now back home it's time to start cleaning up
bye bye to some of my christmas stuff , having some fun 
and definitely the need of decorating as simple as possible

just enjoying the last days of this year and looking forward to the new...
wish you all a great new year's eve celebration!


merry christmas

pics elvs 

it's time for a short break 
last minute christmas presents have to be bought
doing some cleaning up
and most of all
spending time with my family
and enjoying the happy holidays together

wish you all a mery merry Christmas
hope you and your family have a wonderful time!

thank you all for visiting my blog and for all these nice words you left...
 blogging and sharing is such fun :-)


almost ...

pic elvs

love these cosy days before christmas 
it's almost there...

wish you all a happy weekend!



so peaceful 
light natural shades
and different structures 
a natural interior 
and its design classics 
see more of this beautiful home here

Wish you all a wonderful friday!


dutch bloggers x-mas hug "kerstknuffel"

pics elvs

A little while ago dutch blogger and creative "centipede" Lynda Hovens 
started a fantastic online event among dutch/belgian bloggers 
called "christmas hug"
every participant was linked to another participant and the intention was to make
 or buy a personal gift for someone you don't know at all... 

this week I received my lovely presents and a very kind card from 
sweet Wendy from the belgian blog me and my dog @ home
 the person to whom i was linked and who became my new blogfriend

this so nice event really made me smile
thank you so much Lynda and Wendy
It was fantastic to join in and getting to know this other person better 
by visiting her blog and leaving comments... I am in for next year :-)



# I usually spend most time at our dining table where we do not only eat, 
but also study and work, now that it's colder I love to snuggle down in a blanket 
and cuddle in my bed with a good book and a big cup of hot cocoa beside me. #

pics nionio 

I have always admired her gorgeous images on instagram
while watching these amazing pictures about
"all the beautiful things"
 I was wondering what would be her favorite corner at her home...

This week sweet Nia of the very inspiring 
interior, design, food and photography blog nionio design 
has send me her favorite pictures simply supplemented with some #words 

 you can find nionio design on instagram here 



pics elvs

so inspired by tina's  fine wrapped christmas packages this week
that I wrapped my hyacints
love the simplicity 
the beauty of hyacints and a newpaper... 

wish you all a wonderful sunday
and a happy new week!

ps. welcome to my new members and thank you all for leaving your nice comments
at my blog and instagram they really make me smile...



pic elvs

so timeless and pure
 love beautiful white simplicity these days...

wish you all a fabulous weekend
enjoy the happy things!

                                                                                    star garland byaprilandmay


picture love

love the styling
the beautiful simplicity
the wonderful location
the perfect picture

 visiting photographer Petra Bindel at the agent bauer website can be so inspiring

Have a happy friday!




today some snapshots...
as you know you can also find me on Instagram 
were i come across every single day
to be inspired 
to admire 
and to have fun by making some
let's meet and have a look here

Have a great day!




simple, white and natural  
love the beautiful atmosphere 
of this house seen in bo bedre
see more here and here

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as one of the 15 best blogs on decoration ideas and inspiring interior blogs!
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work in progress

pics elvs

white... a lot of white 
and a touch of black 
or shall i...
changing ideas 
various moods
and decoration fun 
on my lazy sunday

wish you all a happy one
and a fantastic new week!



doing some christmas decoration this weekend 
after M's fantastic birthday party today 
the birthday garlands will be replaced by christmas lights and shining stars
simple and beautiful

wish you all a fabulous weekend 
enjoy all the happy things...

                                                                                                                       pic elvs



lot's of happiness

we are having a birthday celebration 
eight years old... 
today it's M's day :-)

Wish you all a happy friday!


the paper bag

  Love the awesome paper bags from be-pĂ´les made from recycled paper
Lucky me... 
I got one by sweet Martha she had bought a few to many ;-)

Wish you all a great day...
in holland we have been surprised by some snow... it will be fun!

ps. welcome to my new members and thank you all for leaving your nice comments
at my blog and instagram they really make me smile...



# It's great to relax here after a busy day at work when the children are in bed 
admiring new post on blogs on my ipad or reading my magazines... just some "me" time #

while watching some beautiful interior instagram pictures the other day, 
 I was wondering...   what would be their favorite corner at their home...
I asked some of these beautymakers to send one picture simply 
supplemented with some words... 

- she loves and shares all about living, gardening, design and vintage - 

this week sweet Martine of  the inspiring dutch blog martinevianen 
has send me 2 pictures of her favorite #instacorner

you can find Martine on instagram here

 ps. are you on instagram? let me know and let's meet :-)


location love


pure and simple 
love the relaxed atmosphere of
this beautiful film- and photography location
at chesterton road of beach studios uk
see more here

Happy new week!



pics elvs

beautiful white 
inspired by the scandanavian snow
serene, still and soothing
pale honeycomb pompoms
the ultimate 
winter feeling

have a wonderful december...

ps. my blog is nominated by Home24.nl 
as one of the 15 best blogs on decoration ideas and inspiring interior blogs!
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