apartmentlove - a perfect one!

 timeless, simple and a such a warm atmosphere...

Just admired this gorgeous apartment for sale filled with 
stylish objects, prints and other details in black, white, grey and brown
and really I could move in right away...  Everything is beautiful!

 Perfect inspiration - created by stylist Linnea Salmen -  to start the weekend don't you think you? 
wish you all a happy one :-)


the home of Elisabeth Heier

I know I have said it before but I love it 
when inspiring and talented people work together...

The stunning home of Norwegian stylist/blogger Elisabeth Heier is for sale and I just 
love the warm, serene and very stylish atmosphere that she has created!

 Perfect stylingwork by Elisabeth and beautifully photographed by 
her friend Katerina Dima (Only Deco Love 
I think this home will be sold very soon! see more here


Contrast - COS AW17

 " the variation and the creative interaction between different, even contradictory elements"

The latest issue of COS magazine is out and I really like this edition inspired by
 the contrasts in the AW17-collection of COS. 

The campaign for this season, photographed on location in the 
Fundació Joan Miró in Barcelona, shows a brand new collection with
 new cuts and proportions for the classic items,  inspired by geometric shapes 
with architectural lines in a color palette of dark chestnut, navy and light blue,
 grey, olive green and strong tones of red including some beautiful and 
stylish items in burgundy... definitely my favorite for this coming season!

find all about the new collection here and be inspired!


Staircaselove - One Pic Wednesday

"A smoked-oak staircase suspended from steel poles joins a flight of 
tapered terrazzosteps in this Copenhagen apartment"

Jac Studios has completed the renovation of the Sturlasgade apartment and performed
their assignement to create a brighter and more open interior...

Love the amazing light, the windows and the beautiful lines and plateaus of
 the stunning staircase at this photo...  It made me think of all the beautiful and 
inspiring One Pic Wednesdays shared by Em on her blog a few years go...
this one pic would fit perfectly dont you think so!

see and read more about the renovation of this amazing apartment at Dezeen here


Light and spacious with brown, beige and natural details

One of my favorite apartments  that I admired during the weekend is

Just loved the stylish furniture, the perfectly styled cabinet on the wall, 
The nice prints, the lovely children's room, the simple accessories and especially the 
wooden coat racks in the bedrooms that we see more and more lately.

The beautiful monochrome tones mixed with the 
brown, terra, beige and natural details and all the beautiful stylish details
 created a cozy and warm autumn atmosphere
Just perfect inspiration to start this rainy Monday and the new week 
Wish you all a happy one!


friday inspiration - apartmentlove

My rainy friday morning started with the discovery of this stunning apartment 
while visiting some of my fav Swedish brokerage sites

 I was attracted by the harmonious atmosphere 
 created by the mix of warm natural tones, the beautiful design classics, 
the stunning artworks , stylish accessories and the use of fresh greens

Just another perfect exemple on how to give a small apartment a
spatial look, don't you think so?  

                                                                                                                      photos Anna Malmberg via Fantastic Frank
                                                                                                                                                    styling Jessica Lagerman


lamplove - W171 Alma lamp

A few monts ago, when I saw them them the first time,  I really fell for this 
beautiful perfectly composed lamp that I see more and more 
on my IG timeline lately. 

The Wästberg w171 Alma lamp, designed by Tham & Videgård , 
was originally created for a new co-working creative facility project  Alma in
Stockholm and I was attracted immediately by the shape of the lamp 
which is based on a rotated sine wave, where light and shadow create a readily
 recognizable character

The lamp is available in two different white shades: Signal white and Grey white and
according the designers the soft and reduced shape creates a cozy atmosphere that 
provides a sculptural feeling, even in daylight, when it satins matte 
the surface and the colors on the surface appear.
                                                                                           photos: Emil Fagander photo 4: Annaleena Leino Karlsson


Åkerlundska Villan - a dreamproject

My week could start better than with the latest interior project of Lotta Agaton
Lotta has developed the total interior concepts, kitchens and bathrooms for the 
Akerlundska Villan project and I cant stop admiring the photos
 made by Pia Ulin on the blog of Lotta. It looks so pretty!

The Akerlundska Villan is a 1800 th century beautiful castle that is transforming to 
nine Apartments by BTH bostad.  Ruxandra Halleröd at Christian Halleröd Design and
 Helene Amundsen has done the architecture

At the new issue of Residence magazine.se we will be able to read all about 
the stunning dream project and admire more photos... 
Can't wait to have my own copy!



 "At first glance, Eva Lange's sculptures may seem deceptive. Their distinctive lines and white surfaces indicate abstraction and an uncompromising relationship to form. But Eva Lange’s art is not abstract, nor does it intend to mislead the viewer. These sculptures are figurative in the strictest sense of the word – and sincere. It is perhaps a different kind of representational art than the one we are most familiar with; a kind of figuration that goes beyond external characteristics, and keeps on searching, inward, in the hope of capturing that which is the essence of the poppy, the tree, the rain, and the heart."

It still takes a while but now that the days are slowly getting shorter, 
first signs of autumn are arriving and while my mailbox is filled with the
latest Christmas items and ideas,  I must admit I already caught myself 
thinking about wishlists!

As I have said many times, IG is a great source of inspiration for me, 
so when I saw the amazing sculptures and the beautiful book - designed by Dry -
about the work of Eva Lang (Member of the Royal Academy of Arts)   at the
IG-feed of Dry studios today,  I started to fill my wishlist immediately... 

The book consists of such beautiful pictures of her amazing work,
 shows the story behind about her creative work and looks so inspiration...  
A real musthave in my opion when you love art and sculptures! 

You can find all about the book Skulptur here and discover her work as an 
ever-broadening investigation into the nature of things...

                                                                                                                                            photos via Dry studios with thanks!