"At first glance, Eva Lange's sculptures may seem deceptive. Their distinctive lines and white surfaces indicate abstraction and an uncompromising relationship to form. But Eva Lange’s art is not abstract, nor does it intend to mislead the viewer. These sculptures are figurative in the strictest sense of the word – and sincere. It is perhaps a different kind of representational art than the one we are most familiar with; a kind of figuration that goes beyond external characteristics, and keeps on searching, inward, in the hope of capturing that which is the essence of the poppy, the tree, the rain, and the heart."

It still takes a while but now that the days are slowly getting shorter, 
first signs of autumn are arriving and while my mailbox is filled with the
latest Christmas items and ideas,  I must admit I already caught myself 
thinking about wishlists!

As I have said many times, IG is a great source of inspiration for me, 
so when I saw the amazing sculptures and the beautiful book - designed by Dry -
about the work of Eva Lang (Member of the Royal Academy of Arts)   at the
IG-feed of Dry studios today,  I started to fill my wishlist immediately... 

The book consists of such beautiful pictures of her amazing work,
 shows the story behind about her creative work and looks so inspiration...  
A real musthave in my opion when you love art and sculptures! 

You can find all about the book Skulptur here and discover her work as an 
ever-broadening investigation into the nature of things...

                                                                                                                                            photos via Dry studios with thanks!