Art, ceramics, concrete and wood - Magnetic Latvia

Starting my weekend with some snapshots of our visit at Riga. a little while ago, 
 where we got the chance to admire the most beautiful and inspiring places in 
the field of ceramics, glass and art. In my previous posts about Riga I told you about the University Academic center of natural Sciences (here) and Riga chair (here) and 
today I'm sharing the workspace (at the society of art in one of the cities
 most creative neighborhoods) and ceramics of designer Beate Snuka and an
 impression of the Riga Highschool of Design and Art.

Beate Snuka is a Latvian designer based in Riga and in Eindhoven (the Netherlands) 
After graduating from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2014 she founded her own
 design studio and her work has been published in design and interior magazines including ELLE Decoration and vtwonen. As well as showcased in several design fairs including 
Salone del Mobile Milano, Dutch Design Week and London Design festival. Her inspiration
 ranges from contemporary crafts to industrial architecture and everything in-between. 
One of Beate's main goals is to deliver beautiful, timeless pieces that are functional, 
well detailed and act as subtle story-tellers. 

For her projects Beate makes use of local clay with a high iron content causing
 the pottery deep black. The Classic collection features raku fired plates, classic red pottery and elegant porcelain. Her white dotted edge series was created for Salone del 
Mobile 2015.The used technique dates back to ancient times and looks amazing ! 

In the Netherlands you can find the designs of Beate at Frozen Fountain in Amsterdam. 

 For me personally, visiting the special renovation project of the wooden school 
building of  the Design and Art High school RSDA,  was a very inspiring experience. 
 This modern and prestigious educational institution is internationally recognised as
 the European art and design education and Innovation Center. 
 Besides the amazing building and its beautiful interior I just loved admiring all the 
artworks and ceramics spread throughout the building. 
  It was so special to be there! 

The renovation and interior design of this wooden building
 (the oldest one in Riga - built 1820) is done by architect and awardwinner Gaile.
 The special feel of the building is created by the harmonious blend between the 
environment and constructed elements with the added value of the ambience of an art school. The feeling of authenticity results from many small decisions and details that altogether form the totality of the work of art. 

The purpose of the project was to draw public attention to preservation of neglected wooden architecture heritage by developing an example which would reveal the unique qualities of Riga’s wooden buildings and show contemporary way to their renovation. 
In my opinion a beautiful successful project,  there really is so much to see and to admire...
Definitely worth a visit if you're in Riga!

                                                                                                                  photos elvs - elveravanschaik


It's about RoMi - in my bedroom

I love the little details... I know I said it before but I really think they 
always make the difference to create a certain atmosphere

If you followed my instagramstories these last few weeks you might have seen that we are
painting and refreshing our home. We started this project at the attic
 (where we also sleep) and I thought it would be fun to share some snapshots of 
our updated and crispy white bedroom.

This time I didn't add many new accessories to our bedroom.
I wanted a fresh but also soft summer look so I searched for some natural and
 warm tones in the collected items that I already have.
With small details like the bibs and bobs in powder, some wooden details,
the rusted red mug,  but also with magazines and books in natural and brown tones
 I created this atmosphere in a very simple way.

One of the new eyecatching accessories in our bedroom are the new lights.
I have been searching for a while and I thought it would be nice to add some marble.
So when I saw the stylish Athens table lamps from 'It's about RoMi'
at Dutch online warehouse fonQ,  I knew they would perfectly
 fit to the style that I had in mind.

'It's about RoMi' is a very affordable Dutch brand that takes its inspiration from the 
urban life of Amsterdam, but also a lot of their ideas come from nature.
The result: simple yet attractive designs made of pure materials.
The fitting of the lamp consists of a pretty slick piece of
 marble and since each piece of marble is looking a little bit different,
 each Athens lamp is really unique!

ps. I combined the Athens lamp with a large filament light bulb to make him even 
more  attractive... what do you think? Just love the stunning mix of the 
fresh whites and the natural details... simple and beautiful as I love it so much!   

this post is made in collaboration with FonQ.nl | styling/photos/text by elvs


The Krane

 While my IG  timeline is filled with the most beautiful photos of 
stunning and sunny holiday destinations I'm still working to finish as much 
assignments as possible and I guess I'll have to be patience for two more weeks. 

The images of this former Copenhagen Coal crane - The Krane - (located on the 
edge of Nordhavn)  that has been turned into a stunning 2 person retreat, 
 really made me long for an extra summerbreak!

The black space is furnished with built-in furniture, as well as custom made 
(Menu.as) Scandinavian design furniture (in leather, wood , stone and steel) and 
I really love the stylish mimal touch of it. 
 The reception area can be find on the ground floor and a glass-walled meeting room
 on the first floor aswell as a spa and terrace. The hotel room - living space (50 sqm)
 complete with a lounge and terrace are situated on the top floor.

Would love to hire this inspiring place and enjoy the views over Copenhagen and
 its inspiring hotspots awaiting our vacation ;-)

                                                                                                found via Dezeen with thanks!


Thonet 1060 X BeeldSTEIL

I have said it before but I really love it if two (or even more) inspiring 
brands or creators work together... 

German furniture company Thonet has presented their cooperation with Dutch 
photographer and stylist Wen van Woudenberg (BeeldSTEIL.com) and I love the stunning
 photos that she made of the wooden (ash) table 1060 designed in 2016 by 
NL designer Jorre van Ast for Thonet. 

Table 1060 by Jorre van Ast is a successful blend of the bending wood
 tradition of Thonet and the graphic form language of now,  
styled in the always inspiring Scandinavian atmosphere that we all know of Wen!


container house - green energy

From the moment I read about the container project of stylist Daniella Witte in October
 last year I was curious about the ongoing proces and followed it on her blog.
Two weeks ago  the first container was ready and I love the cosy result and the
 harmonious atmosphere of the house!

It all started with Three traditional metal containers that where being rebuilt to small 
houses and placed where the cornfields and meadows meet as Daniella said. 
 She wanted the feeling in the house to be like a hotel but still 
with a certain modern rustic tone

This green energy house is decorated in bright natural tones. Beautiful light ash floors
 combined with green painted walls (Greenleaf from Jotun Lady) and a kitchen (from Ikea)
 spray-painted in the same color.  A perfect base for a harmonious atmosphere in my opion and I can't wait to admire the last of the three houses, they have been decorated in 
entirely different color schemes. 

On the blog of Daniella at Elle Decoration you can find images of 
the second home decorated in warm brown tones!




This gorgeous 2 room apartment (55 square meters) seen at Hitta Hem and 
decorated by Marie Ramse & Per Carlsson really inspired me last week...

Just loved the beautiful and simple stylingwork ,
 the monochrome tones, the original details and the warm atmosphere... 
Just perfect to start this new week dont you think so? 
Have a happy one!

                                                                                                                  photos: Emily Laye