It's about RoMi - in my bedroom

I love the little details... I know I said it before but I really think they 
always make the difference to create a certain atmosphere

If you followed my instagramstories these last few weeks you might have seen that we are
painting and refreshing our home. We started this project at the attic
 (where we also sleep) and I thought it would be fun to share some snapshots of 
our updated and crispy white bedroom.

This time I didn't add many new accessories to our bedroom.
I wanted a fresh but also soft summer look so I searched for some natural and
 warm tones in the collected items that I already have.
With small details like the bibs and bobs in powder, some wooden details,
the rusted red mug,  but also with magazines and books in natural and brown tones
 I created this atmosphere in a very simple way.

One of the new eyecatching accessories in our bedroom are the new lights.
I have been searching for a while and I thought it would be nice to add some marble.
So when I saw the stylish Athens table lamps from 'It's about RoMi'
at Dutch online warehouse fonQ,  I knew they would perfectly
 fit to the style that I had in mind.

'It's about RoMi' is a very affordable Dutch brand that takes its inspiration from the 
urban life of Amsterdam, but also a lot of their ideas come from nature.
The result: simple yet attractive designs made of pure materials.
The fitting of the lamp consists of a pretty slick piece of
 marble and since each piece of marble is looking a little bit different,
 each Athens lamp is really unique!

ps. I combined the Athens lamp with a large filament light bulb to make him even 
more  attractive... what do you think? Just love the stunning mix of the 
fresh whites and the natural details... simple and beautiful as I love it so much!   

this post is made in collaboration with FonQ.nl | styling/photos/text by elvs