The Krane

 While my IG  timeline is filled with the most beautiful photos of 
stunning and sunny holiday destinations I'm still working to finish as much 
assignments as possible and I guess I'll have to be patience for two more weeks. 

The images of this former Copenhagen Coal crane - The Krane - (located on the 
edge of Nordhavn)  that has been turned into a stunning 2 person retreat, 
 really made me long for an extra summerbreak!

The black space is furnished with built-in furniture, as well as custom made 
(Menu.as) Scandinavian design furniture (in leather, wood , stone and steel) and 
I really love the stylish mimal touch of it. 
 The reception area can be find on the ground floor and a glass-walled meeting room
 on the first floor aswell as a spa and terrace. The hotel room - living space (50 sqm)
 complete with a lounge and terrace are situated on the top floor.

Would love to hire this inspiring place and enjoy the views over Copenhagen and
 its inspiring hotspots awaiting our vacation ;-)

                                                                                                found via Dezeen with thanks!