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 photos elvs

today some snapshots that I made for the french blog Interior Crisp 
where I participated in the inspiring miniseries about
 bloggers and their nightstands

I really enjoyed reading the previous interviews 
(with bloggers like Hege in France,  Mechant Design, Un due tre Ilaria and many more )
so it was a pleasure to join... thanks Nannette!

see and read all about my bedroomstyling ideas and
 my "dreaming of" bedsighttable here and have a  happy Sunday! 

 bedsheets: Crisp Sheets, nightstand: Kartell, bench: via Stoer Metaal print: Woman Rain by Via Martine


showcase - diy

I really liked this creative DIY solution of Gabriela Hansen on
 how to make a simple and stylish showcase with just a few requirements
and it's just perfect as a starting point to create 
small still lifes on your table or desk

Gabriela is a graduated student of the School of Architecture in Aarhus 
 on her blog she shares her creative diy ideas - that can be done by 
everyone as she describes -  but where she also shares
 her creative work and her inspiration ideas

just beautiful and simple...
find all about the showcase project here

                                                                                                                            found via boligmagasinet with thanks! 


outdoor ideas II

like I said last week I really love this time of the year
when we see all these great outdoor ideas in the magazines and in the blogosphere

My personal taste and choice is to keep it very simple
and to create an inviting atmosphere (see here) 
In my garden you will find wood, black pottery, natural tones,
soft cushions in greyshades and a lot of green ofcourse 
I guess that's why I was attracted by the creative ideas
of Pella Hedeby found at the livet Hemma site 
with some great simple details and an important and inspiring 
role for the glass greenhouse cabinet
 Hindo by IKEA and a quick but very stylish DIY idea...

see more HERE


warm and natural

this gorgeous (51 sqm) apartment in Stockholm
caught my eye straight away
 when I visited the Swedish brokerage sites this morning...

just love the perfect and creative styling (ooh these still-lifes), 
the natural colours and soft tones,
 the great details and the warm atmosphere... 

Inspired again by the great work of stylist/blogger
Josefin Haag for fantastic frank

see more here



photos elvs

today some of my latest dailylife snapshots...

 I was having this changing mood the other day...
 cleaned my house and gave my new purchases found in Denmark a place
but I also had some stylingfun by making some insta-stillifes
 and trying some things out  for upcoming projects
while creating a fresh and cosy atmosphere
with some greens from the garden
love days like this...

Have a happy weekend! 

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longing for August... #sinnerlig

A little while ago (here) I told you about my crush 
on the upcoming Sinnerlig collection
designed by Ilse Crawford (studio Ilse) for Ikea

The sneak preview pictures looked so promising...

This week Ikea has shared some new pressphotos and to be honest 
they made that I have lost my patience... 
I really can't wait to admire the beautiful used (natural) materials as cork, 
bamboo and glass at this collection that will be availble in Ikea stores from august 2015

In meantime we can read all about concious living and the product 
development on the Ikea Today site and dream about
 that amazing daybed in our backyards or homes!

"SINNERLIG is an upcoming collection designed by Ilse Crawford that explores the beauty and tactility of raw material. It celebrates the imperfections that arise during the production process.

Sinnerlig is designed to engage our senses and connect us to our homes."

                                                                                                           found via Stillinspiration with thanks! 
                                                                                                    photos and quote by IKEA Today


room with a view

really like the way this new print 
- A look outside a winter window -
 gives the room a bit of perspective... 

already said it before many times but 
I'm always inspired by the very creative art work of
 Sarah van Peteghem  (designer and blogger at  coco lapine design )

find more of her beautiful work here



 If only I could work here for one day...

Starting  this new week 
with this beautiful and very inviting workspace
seen at Stadshem.se  last week...

I was attracted by the stylish desk and the whole set up
but there are many more other styling ideas to 
admire at this stunning and inspiring apartment for sale
To be honest...  I just loved it all!

see more here and have a happy new week! 



Really fell for this neutral and stylish bathroom
- in this apartment for sale -
just loved the mix of the marble on the floor, 
the simple white tiles on the wall, 
the beige shades and the natural materials of the accessories
beautiful simplicity
that always seem to inspire me...

Have a happy weekend!


outdoor ideas

love this time of the year when we see all these great ideas
 in the magazines and in the blogosphere 
about how to create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere at your garden or balcony 
for exemple by mixing flea finds and new (design)  furniture with 
a lot of soft cushions and cosy accessories 

 the tasteful black and white outdoor styling ideas by Cleo Scheulderman seen at the 
VT wonen magazine site and the beautiful location really inspired me...  
I am looking forward to a nice long summer!

see more here
                                                                                                                photos: Alexander van Berge 



just admired the stunning new IKEA Svirvel lamp series at Livet hemma
I think it will perfect for my future (and everlasting project) workspace
but it also will be very functional and stylish to have
in the livingroom don't you think so? 

according the Livet Hemma redaction this adjustable light
(designed by Chris Martin and Magnus Eleb├Ąck)
should give a pleasant and warm light...
can't wait to admire it!

see and read more about the new series here



Hi I am back!
We really had a fantastic vacation at Denmark
where we stayed in a beautiful beachhouse near the Vejle fjord and Fredericia
We have enjoyed the beautiful nature, the friendly people, 
the great atmosphere and ofcourse we have visited some wonderful authentic
 villages as Ribe but also the inspiring city Aarhus where we did some great shopping
 and where we admired the beautiful Danish interiordesign and fasion shops
unfortunately we were not able to able visit Kopenhagen again
but I am sure we will go back very soon! 

when I visitid the Fantastic Frank brokerage site this morning
this harmonious and characteristic apartment (76 sqm) in Stockholm
 really made me smile...

 I Just loved this (im-)perfect duplex apartment with the stunning rough plastered walls, 
the beamed ceilings,  the fireplace and  the combination of classic design and trendy furniture
beautiful and warm minimalism...

see more here and have a great day!



today some of my April #instashots 
 daily family life, greens,  sunny days, changing moods
 inside gardening, beautiful nature and still-lifes
there's is so much to be inspired...
hope you all had a fantastic month
and welcome May!

ps. starting this new month with a short break :)
really looking forward to discover Denmark this coming week
 enjoying and spending lot's of time with my family
 and just being lazy...

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