50 years of IVAR

The best way to celebrate something is to show the subject at its best and in
 different ways dont you think so?  Just love the amazing stylingwork that Pella Hedeby did 
for the press campagne for this special occasion!

the successfull shelf that survived for five decades in public service. 

"In 1968, a nameless barrels storage shelf is placed in the furniture exhibition at IKEA Kungens Kurva in Stockholm. It has previously lived an unmatched existence in the "Market" department together with various other products outside the regular range. Over the years, IVAR has changed, developed and had many names. But the base of light and renewable pine woods, where even smaller pieces of play are taken, are equal.

IVAR flourished in the 70's, had a dip in the late 80's and hit new sales records in the 90's. Over the years, IVAR has changed, developed and had many names, ranging from BOSSE, INGO and UFFE. But the base of light and renewable pine woods, where even smaller pieces of play are taken, are equal. IVAR Series today consists of 29 different parts that can be combined in countless ways."

IKEA has announced that in February 2018, the range of cabinets and accessories will
 be expaned in white painted metal... Can't wait to admire it!

 styling Pella Hedeby Ikea pressimages photographer Ragnar Ă’marsson  


green in my bedroom - OGREEN -

Inspired by my new Platformtray by Muuto, a few weeks ago I've updated
my bedroom (see here) and I still love the cosy and warm atmosphere
but I was missing something... By now you all know that I really love plants and

During the colder days when the heater is on all day, unfortunately the waste air can
not leave very easy because all homes are so well insulated nowadays.
The kind offer of fonQ.nl to try the beautiful greens of Ogreen came just at
the right moment! With the 'Clean Machines' (the plants) these waste
products absorb and give oxygen back.

For me personally plants are beautiful and refresh and brighten up any room.
But plants can do far more than just that. Ogreen plants provide a healthier living
environment where people feel better, are more creative and achieve better results.
Just perfect because in my case my workspace is situated in our bedroom!

Because of our new family member, cat Sofie, I've choosen the
"animal friendly" plantset... Sofie loves to investigate plants and this ensures
that she wil not get sick from eating them!
My other favorite new accessories; The Tillandsia Xerographica plants
are special in every way. They can be used as a hanging or table plant,
because this airplant does not need a pot. He gets his food from the air himself.
They are really special and just perfect if you are having difficulties to
take care of plants in time !

The nice feeling started at the receiving because the plants have been
delivered in beautiful stylish boxes (a perfect gift!) and the plant container
has all the needed care information. It's so funny because every container indicates
how much m2 of fresh air it will create in a space. The available biological plant fuel
 can help growing the plant as nature intended.

Accompanied by Sofie I've changed the (not waterproof) containers for some of my all time favourites... the Flowerpots by Hay... don't they fit just perfect?

Ogreen only works with growers who use the most organic methods of production possible.
"Just like the trees outside, plants operate as air-purifying machines. They convert carbon dioxide into oxygen and also filter the air, removing toxic substances. This has been proven by scientific research. Ogreen plants are scientifically tested for their air-purifying properties. The unique air-purifying properties of each plant have been measured and recorded."

this post is made in collaboration with FonQ.nl and Ogreen.eu
styling/photos/text by elvs

flowerpots - Hay | Platformtray Muuto | via fonQ
Afteroom chair - Menu.as | print - Via Martine


Instalove - Fjordby -

I've followed Tove's personal and very creative blog "Fjordby" for a long time and
 later, when she stopped blogging,  I followed her instagram account @fjordby

The thing that inspires me most in her feed is her stunning creative work and the
 beautiful landscapes that she shares in her feed, but these last few weeks I 
have been intrigued by her latest project! 

 I really fell for the original origami curtain that she has made (in about 40 hours) and
it looks so amazing in this huge frame from MOEBE... Don't you think so? 

 The MOEBE frame is a prototype and just a perfect match with this 2D origami, 
It's such a great contrast... beautiful and simple,
Cant wait to see more!

photos via @ fjordby with thanks!


simple and festive

A simple and practical flat-pack design, 
decorations made from sturdy carton with a matte silver finish.

 The first advent is approaching and everything that belongs to Christmas...
If you follow me a little bit longer you might know that I love 
stylish but mostly very simple decorations,  especially greens.

Last week these festive decorations at the hand-chosen selection of gifts at COS
really caught my eye... Just beautiful and simple as I love it so much!


project henriksdalsberget

One of my favorite early Wednesday morning activities is 
visiting the Swedish brokerage sites.

This moring I have admired the amazing sample images at one of 
the latest projects (at the top of Frederiksdalsberget Stockholm) by Fantastic Frank ,
where 9 effective appartments are created in an exisiting 1970's building. 

Just love the serene atmosphere, the styling and the used accessories
 at the different apartments as you can it in my compilation above...
beautiful and simple as I love it so much!


B&O play x Cecile Mantz x Kvadrat

“Beoplay M3 is all about character; one that can easily adapt to any interior style. 
We have worked hard to get the very best of the premium materials used and the result is a sleek, hyper simple speaker with a precise shape. Tight, compact and powerful, Beoplay M3 blends in perfectly with your interior” 
– Cecilie Manz

I'm a huge fan of the beautiful designs of the B&O play speakers... 
last summer we became the owners of A1 Bluetooth speaker (see here) and 
since then the whole family enjoyed the huge and amazing sound of the speaker!

A few days ago B&O has launched their most compact member of the
 wireless home speaker series, The Beoplay M3 which is designed by Cecile Mantz 
 (just like the A1) and I just love its amazing design which looks particularly good in 
their amazing pressphotos styled in beautiful soft tones and mixed with
 eyecathing accessories! 

"The Beoplay M3 speaker was desigined to fit in any home environment, especially by choosing the right materials for its front panel – either in B&O PLAY’s signature aluminium, or with a woollen weave by Danish design textile company, Kvadrat"



 Rainy Sundayafternoons are for cosy moments at home...
Love the rare moments that we have no obligations and finally have the time
to enjoy simple things as couchhanging with some fav magazines, 
the soft light of burning candles and the new added soft tones in my
 favorite corner to create an extra warm atmosphere...

Hope you all had a wonderful Sunday... Happy new week !
pink candleholder insert: Designletters | candle:Perspective studio | bits and bobs: HAY|
Roost Chair: Be pure home via Basic Label | sidetable: domo design | Aura mirror: Bjorn van den Berg

                                                                                                                                       instasnapshots elvs


Design Hotel Danmark - Copenhagen

I've already posted some inspirationposts from my last visit at Copenhagen and 
this weekend, when I scrolled through to my photos,  I realized that I 
haven't shared any snapshots of the amazing hotel where I stayed before
 attending the inspiring Munk collective pressevent at Copenhagen!

In a short time the renewed, refurbished  and very stylish boutique hotel, 
hotel Danmark (from the Brochner group) has made it to the very prestigious shortlist
 - best Urban Hotels 2017 by wallpaper magazine . I can only say that I totally agree!
I just loved the perfect mix between the luxurious and warm and cozy feel at this 
beautiful spot located in the middle of Copenhagen.

Due to my short stay I wasn't able to explore the whole hotel and its facilities
but my room (light and spacious) was just perfect and included a very comfortable bed, 
leather headboards, big windowsills, beautiful brass and marble details and  of course, 
stunning Danish design furniture!  

Unfortunately after the healthy (organic) breakfast buffet I had to hurry and leave but
 not before I had seen the amazing 360-degree city view at the rooftop terrace, 
It's so great to admire the whole city and beyond surrounded by 
beautiful wooden lounge furniture and green plants. 

    special thanks to Munk Collective and Hotel Danmark


ONE pic #insta|inspo

beautiful earthy brown, blue sky, dark sea and calm forest green tones....
just love her interpretation of the comfortable color scheme inspired by nature

This stunning photo seen at the IG feed of Pella Hedeby and published in
 the latest issue of ELLE decoration,  makes me seriously think about leaving my 
comfort zone and paint all my white walls earthy brown...  So pretty!

Happy Friday everyone!

 styling Pella Hedeby photo Ragnar Ă“marsson


creating with shapes - COS x Usha Doshi

Our material world is built from squares and rectangles, 
circles, ovals, triangles and diamonds. 
Basic geometric shapes form the basis for how we design 
the things that surround us and Usha Doshi’s 

Just admired some images of the inspiring book - Creating with Shapes -  
 (the first title published by COS) and the launch of the limited COS shapes
methods and techniques devised by Royal College of  Art teacher and 
long-time COS collaborator Usha Doshi.

The book and the collection will be available online and 
in selected stores worldwide very soon and definitely on my
 just started little wishlist for Christmas ;-)