Instalove - Fjordby -

I've followed Tove's personal and very creative blog "Fjordby" for a long time and
 later, when she stopped blogging,  I followed her instagram account @fjordby

The thing that inspires me most in her feed is her stunning creative work and the
 beautiful landscapes that she shares in her feed, but these last few weeks I 
have been intrigued by her latest project! 

 I really fell for the original origami curtain that she has made (in about 40 hours) and
it looks so amazing in this huge frame from MOEBE... Don't you think so? 

 The MOEBE frame is a prototype and just a perfect match with this 2D origami, 
It's such a great contrast... beautiful and simple,
Cant wait to see more!

photos via @ fjordby with thanks!