summer break

oow I long for salt in the air and sand in my hair
It's time for a summer break
 preparing for vacation
enjoying the sunny days in france with my family
 some swimming,  just being lazy and... 
having lot's of fun!

See you all soon again.... Have a wonderful summer!

you can find me on instagram during my summer break... feel free to meet here!




pics elvs

wonderful pictures, little details
black and white
 and a touch of green
are always so inspiring...
love to create new still-lifes
on my magazine wall ;-)

have a fabulous day!


simple and stylish

a beautiful mix of
light furniture with a touch of black
simple and stylish
just love this amazing bright
Nordic summerhouse
of danish architect Christina Halskov
see more here

Wish you all a great day!



already loved their beautiful kitchen 
and bathroom produkts 
but now Vipp has introduced 
a new series of mirrors in powder coated aluminum
wonderful white simplicity
see more here



pics elvs

after a fantastic and sunny weekend
 it's great to start this whole new week
with this tough workspace
made these pictures the other day 
while having some styling and shooting fun with
 the ladies of the Stoer Metaal shop
love the inspiring industrial elements of this 
gorgeous location in combination with the raw furniture

wish you all a great new week!
                                                                  furniture and accessories by Stoer Metaal

ps thank you so much  for leaving all these nice comments on my blog and
 thank you desire to inspire for mentioning Elv's in your "blog favourites as of late" post



pics elvs

 I'm in a white mood these days
with a touch of black
love the contrast
 the light, and perfect serenity
still waiting for summer I quess....

ps. Yeah... today is the last day of the school year for us so I will be off for 
an early start of the weekend to celebrate :-) see you all next week!
Have a fab weekend...



oh yes... I know...We see these pictures on many blogs
but sometimes beautiful eyecandy can not be shared enough
love the amazing styling and the wonderful pictures

Have a great day!


a modern barn


 timber wood inside and outside
so natural,  simple and pure
in contrast with the raw concrete
and beautiful classic furniture
love love love the black Thonet B9 chairs 
so yes...  i really could spend a whole summer in
this amazing Austrian modern barn
see more here

                                                                                                               pictures Adolf Bereuter