Its time for a new chapter :-) 

Today is such a special day and I feel so excited to finally share the news
 that I will be the new contributor of the April and May team on their 
beautiful and brand new platform!
 I want to thank Jantine and Vivian to have me in this new chapter and
I want to thank you for sharing your kind words and positive energy over the years...
I'm really looking forward to continue to inspire you at aprilandmay.com
Let's meet there! 


Cabin love - Sondervig

You have probably already noticed that it has been a little quiet at the blog lately...
Busy times at work, our inspiring visit to the Milan Design Week and awaiting  
the preparations of thrilling new plans (very soon more about this news) 
made me have a little lack of time.

But after a wonderful vacation in Denmark with my family this last week,
 I´m starting this, for me very exciting,  new week with this amazing house
 that was located near our holidayhome in the dunes of  Sondervig. 

From the moment I saw this house, it was love at first sight! 
Totally crushed on this amazing cabin,  It's so obvious that the architecture and 
construction are made with care for the location so that the holiday home fits
 nicely into the landscape,  dont you think so? 

We really enjoyed the beautiful beaches of West Jylland, the amazing nature, 
the Ringkobing fjord and also our citytrip at Aarhus but this stunning dreamhome 
definitely made us wanting to come back next year...  such a gorgeous place!
                                                                                                                           photos elvera van schaik


ATRIO by Grohe | Milan Design week

"Great, lasting design is about clarity of vision and refinement of aesthetics, 
paring away all the superfluous elements. 
Using these principles the new GROHE ATRIO has been created as an
 icon of elegance and precision.
- Michael Seum Vice President Design GROHE -

Today finally some snapshots of our visit to the Milan design week where we were invited 
by world’s leading provider of sanitary fittings GROHE to admire their installation and 
their inspiring redesigned showroom for the the introduction of
the newest contemporary SPA line – ATRIO!

GROHE has updated its entire ATRIO range to create a series of 200 new products. 
Chief designer Michael Seum welcomed us in the showroom after visiting 
the beautiful Atrio installation. The unique installation combined 
the pure enjoyment of water with an interactive audio-visual spectacle 
designed to inspire and it really did inspire me, I have admired it for a least four times! 

In a small presentation Michael told us that he hopes that, with its balanced 
proportions and clean intersections, the Atrio will become popular with 
architects and interior designers, and will be used for a wide range of project styles.

The idea behind new the Atrio is design permanence, Harmony, Simplicity, Clarity...  
Bringing back to the essence gives it a timeless elegance.  
Its sleek, cylindrical shape is the same diameter from the base to the top, 
while the spout itself curves in the perfect arc of a semi circle, every 
element complementing each other to create a powerful single visual statement

 "the design is going to last a long time, it's iconic," Michael said.
The Atrio collection means design without restrictions. 
Each item is available in various finishes and size options and different design
 schemes and comes in three finishes: SuperSteel, Brushed Hard Graphite or Chrome.


actually - Milan Design Week preps

Today some snapshots that I made last Wednesday.
After a busy period at work these past weeks I finally had the time to
check out some things and enjoy some free time at home.

I´m so excited,   this week I am leaving for Milan for a few days!
It has been on my wishlist for a long time to visit the Milan Design Week 
so I´m really looking forward to it! 

Because we only stay for a short time and because there's so much to see 
I´m trying to collect as much information as possible about inspiring must see and 
must go places so tips are more than welcome! 

 happy Friday everyone :)



Just admired this beautiful courtyard at Livet Hemma that made me long
 for many more beautiful warm Springdays with family and friends

The inviting Ikea Havsten sofa series, designed by Andres Frederikson,
was designed to be easy to move and furnish you garden in different ways. 
In my opinion just perfect to create a simple but stylish look outside and 
have long cosy Spring- or Summer evenings...

This weekend  was a great foretaste dont you think so? 
Hope you all had a happy one!


The wire series - Table Top by Menu

After spending some nice days off with my family and enjoying a cosy Easter 
with my sister and her family I realised that I havent shared some of the 
latest changes in my livingroom. 

When you have been following me you´ll know that my livingroom is one of 
the most redecorated rooms in our home,  I just love it when it all comes together 
just by changing a few details... Mixing and matching with different accessories is such fun! 

In my opinion the decorative wire series of Danish design brand Menu is just 
perfect for this occasion... I already knew the wire base could be combined with
the flowerpot (I even used it as a standard for our Christmas tree) and 
turned into a stand for the Disc Oil lamp but a little while ago I discovered
 the latest addition of the Wire series!

Because we do not have a very large living room, we decided not to take a coffee table
so instead of this I'm always looking for small tables. I admit; I have this "thing" 
for nice stylish sidetables (already have a few of them) and I'm always changing and
 rearranging them around the house...  So yes, when I discoverd the new Menu
 Wire table top at online departmentstore fonQ  it really made me smile!

The tabletop is made of Marquina marble (available in black and white) ,
 a particularly beautiful natural product and its such a nice fact that 
every piece of marble is unique! All the wire series products can be used
both indoors and outdoors, that makes it extra special!

The inspiration for this charming and decorative wirevseries came while Kasper Rønn and Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen 
(Norm Architects) were visiting a Japanese-inspired garden in L.A. The garden had custom-made standing and
 hanging displays with flowers and light. Together with Japanese trees and small fountains it transformed
 the garden into a beautiful new kind of Art Deco style.

this post is made in collaboration with FonQ.nl 
styling/photos/text by elvs


Coco Lapine - printlove

Already said it before many times but I'm always inspired by
 the very creative work of  Sarah van Peteghem 
 (designer and blogger at Coco Lapine Design )

This week Sarah has launched a beautiful new collection 
(printed on a heavy weight grey luxury paper) and my favorite of 
the SS18 collection is definitely "La Feuille" which is created out of 
hundreds of small watercolor shapes and looks so pretty!
which is your favorite?

You can find more of her beautiful work here