ATRIO by Grohe | Milan Design week

"Great, lasting design is about clarity of vision and refinement of aesthetics, 
paring away all the superfluous elements. 
Using these principles the new GROHE ATRIO has been created as an
 icon of elegance and precision.
- Michael Seum Vice President Design GROHE -

Today finally some snapshots of our visit to the Milan design week where we were invited 
by world’s leading provider of sanitary fittings GROHE to admire their installation and 
their inspiring redesigned showroom for the the introduction of
the newest contemporary SPA line – ATRIO!

GROHE has updated its entire ATRIO range to create a series of 200 new products. 
Chief designer Michael Seum welcomed us in the showroom after visiting 
the beautiful Atrio installation. The unique installation combined 
the pure enjoyment of water with an interactive audio-visual spectacle 
designed to inspire and it really did inspire me, I have admired it for a least four times! 

In a small presentation Michael told us that he hopes that, with its balanced 
proportions and clean intersections, the Atrio will become popular with 
architects and interior designers, and will be used for a wide range of project styles.

The idea behind new the Atrio is design permanence, Harmony, Simplicity, Clarity...  
Bringing back to the essence gives it a timeless elegance.  
Its sleek, cylindrical shape is the same diameter from the base to the top, 
while the spout itself curves in the perfect arc of a semi circle, every 
element complementing each other to create a powerful single visual statement

 "the design is going to last a long time, it's iconic," Michael said.
The Atrio collection means design without restrictions. 
Each item is available in various finishes and size options and different design
 schemes and comes in three finishes: SuperSteel, Brushed Hard Graphite or Chrome.