lamplove - W171 Alma lamp

A few monts ago, when I saw them them the first time,  I really fell for this 
beautiful perfectly composed lamp that I see more and more 
on my IG timeline lately. 

The Wästberg w171 Alma lamp, designed by Tham & Videgård , 
was originally created for a new co-working creative facility project  Alma in
Stockholm and I was attracted immediately by the shape of the lamp 
which is based on a rotated sine wave, where light and shadow create a readily
 recognizable character

The lamp is available in two different white shades: Signal white and Grey white and
according the designers the soft and reduced shape creates a cozy atmosphere that 
provides a sculptural feeling, even in daylight, when it satins matte 
the surface and the colors on the surface appear.
                                                                                           photos: Emil Fagander photo 4: Annaleena Leino Karlsson