# my couch. the place where I snuggle up often in the evenings, watching tv or reading lot's 
of magazines and blogs. It's a fine spot! Our living room is temporarily on our attic and we 
have succeeded  to create a fine atmosphere and where we can exclude the dust of down #

# the bathroom is also a fine and relaxing place in our house, especially our bubble bath ... #

# This is the project where we are very busy right now: the kitchen.  We renovate the 
kitchen all by ourselves so it takes a lot of time. I can't wait the moment until I can cook. #

 I admit... 
I have spend a lot of time on her inspiring blog 
admiring her beautiful pictures and following the projects 
of the renovation of their home, done all by themselves, 
from the top to the bottom and that started a few years ago

her instagram is a wonderful addition of Iris blog "Enigheid"
while watching her projects I was wondering
what would be the favorite corner at her home...
I have asked Iris to send me her pictures simply supplemented with some words 
and this is her #instacorner

you can find enigheid on instagram here

Happy friday ;-)
                                                                                                                                                     pics enigheid