pic Annie Lindgren

# this image is from my dining room, where we usually end up #

I have always admired here gorgeous and inspiring blog 
rum for tva (her editors blog for livingby) and since the start, 
august this year, I also follow her new blog all is pretty 
that she describes  as "my very own inspiration blog"

while watching her amazing "every day life" instagram pictures
 I was wondering what would be her favorite corner at her home...
I have asked Annie to send one picture
simply supplemented with some words and this is her #instacorner...

you can find rumfortva on instagram here 
(rumfortva is private user  - entrance has to be requested) 

ps. thank you so much for your sweet comments on my post about 
my photo and styling workshop...   i was very lucky indeed...  
it was amazing and  it was such fun :-)