weekend inspiration

love the amazing harmonious atmosphere at this apartment 
 created by the mix of warm natural tones, vintage finds, 
 the great stylish accessories in black, grey and white and fresh greens

this gorgeous apartment (from the 1930's) seen at Alvhem really inspired me!
love the three rooms in file, bathing in light by the presence of the amount of Windows,
the original double doors that separates the rooms and the amazing
 creative stylingwork ...  just love it all!!!

Wish you all a great weekend!

ps. I am starting the new month with a short break that we will spend in Denmark :)
really looking forward to explore Sjælland, with my family this coming week
having lot's of fun, doing some shopping in Copenhagen, admire the beautiful nature
and just being lazy...  you can find me on instagram during my break, feel free to meet me HERE!

                                                                                                                                         photos by Cimek.se