Botanical greens

Starting this new blogpost with some green inspiration,  
 This week I looked back to these photos that I took at the amazing
 Botanisk Have at Copenhagen when we where enjoying our springbreak in
 Denmark a while ago and where I told you about in my last blogpost... 
It was a short break where we had a fantastic time while exploring the largest
 island of Denmark - Sjealland -  but also a break which ended up in a very sad way.

Maybe you have noticed I have not been blogging since that break and
 if you follow me on instagram you might have read that the reason
 for this absence was the not expected weakening (she was suffering from cancer) and 
the sudden dead of my mother.
 These last weeks have been very difficult for me and my family and it's very hard
 to believe this happend but I am thankful for the great and special moments
 that we had with a mom like her... She was very proud on us,
 her children and her grand children,  and she always encouraged me to do the things
 that I love the most... I really had and still have a very difficult time
 but I am slowly finding my way and trying to move forward. 

These last few days I have admired so much beautiful ideas, photos and interiors
 that inspired me and leasurely gave me the desire to restart blogging. 
 It's so nice to find energy in things that we love and like to do most of all, 
Being different and creative is one of the most beautiful things on earth... 

About the Botanical Garden: Botanisk Have is located in the heart of Copenhagen. The garden contains the largest collection of living plants and the only genebank for wild plants. The purpose of the Botanical Garden is to maintain and develop scientific collections of living and preserved plants and fungi and make them available for research, teaching and public information. The garden is affiliated to the largest danish herbaria collections with plants and fungi from all over the world.