DADADUM - Swiss design

just before the launch of their beautiful website 2 months ago,  I made acquaintance
 with a brand new Swiss design label - this label called DADADUM
 (founded by award winning graphic designer Demian Conrad)  is inspired by 
the great heritage of Swiss design but also very much by Scandinavian design. 

When I admired their kind present;  a Puscha toy (a minimalistic version of  the Swiss cow) 
 I was interested immediately in the other products of their "homegoods"collection
 which consists beautiful minimalist furniture and accessories

Today I received the latest press release of their
new riviera tables made of carrara marble and it looks amazing! 
In addition to the quality and the design of the products the brand paid much attention 
to the presentation and the styling work which inspired me enormously!
beautiful simplicty and pure eyecandy in my mailbox toay...
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