lamplove - Pion by Hay

 styling/photos/text by elvs

                 On the table, on or in a Cabinet or on the floor... some lamps radiate anywhere!

I always had an eye on unique and separate lamps and they have always inspired me
 in my unstoppable sense of changing and restyling our living room.
So when dutch online store fonQ.nl asked me if a would be interesting in 
making a review about the Hay Pion lamp it was a great opportunity! 

This new purchase from this always inspiring Danish design brand,
 invited me to go look around for some of my favourite monochrome treasures
 collected over the years and to exhibit them on my bench. 
Some beautiful magnolia branches completed this new bright natural look at this corner! 
So yes.. once again I discovered that adding only a few other details
 really made the difference! It gave me the feel of creating Spring inside!

The Wrong for Hay (a collaboration between Danish design brand HAY and 
London-based designer Sebastian Wrong) Pion lamp is designed
 by Bertjan Pot. Bertjan graduated from the Design Academy in Eindhoven. 
His work is about curiosity for materials and experiments and
 that's what atracted  me immediately.
The Pion is made of aluminum, and... paper! How special is that! 

Through the paper use the lamp diffuse the light in the room and creates a cozy atmoshpere. 
Because its attractrive design the Pion lamp really fits in any interior don't you think so?
I my opinion the remarkable and uncommon form makes the Pion lamp 
by Hay a beautiful eyecatcher for every room.

this post is made in collaboration with fonQ.nl  a dutch contemporary online store with more than 40.000 products.
 Colorful and special products that make life just a little more fun with unique gift and design products and a wide range 
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