dinnerroom love!

 After a few great weekend days at the dutch coast with my family and the 
celebration of the eleventh birthday of our son this monday 
I have spend the late evening to admire some stunning apartments 
for sale at the scandinavian brokerage sites.

I was attracted immediately by this beautiful and warm dinerroom 
seen at this appartment for sale and styled by stylistteam Sarah Widman
Elin Kicken and Evalotta Sundling for Alvhem Brokerage & Iterior

Just loved the inviting natural tones in black, brown- and greyshades, 
the classic design furniture combined with some of my latest Ikea favourites as the 
Sinnerlig couch designed by Ilse Crawford and oh these details... 
photos and prints on the wall easily hung up with some minimalistic frames 
simple but so beautiful... and just perfect for me!

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the winners will be anounced this friday!