juglove - Sinnerlig

 photos elvs

"The beauty is in the details 
details made of natural materials as cork, ceramics and glass"

A little while ago I told you about the stunning coming Ikea collection - Sinnerlig
a collection "designed to engage the senses and increase our feeling of well being at home"

this weekend I finally had the occasion to feel and admire the furniture
 (oh that amazing day-bed) and the stunning accessories
 designed by Ilse Crawford of StudioIlse

 I was really curious and of the more than 30 pieces consisting collection (pure eyecandy)
the stoneware black/brown jug really caught my eye... 
it's a real addition to our house, timeless design that is not only very manageable
 in use but also very suitable to display in your house
 beautiful and simple as I love it so much,,,

do you have a favourite piece? 
you can find the whole Sinnerlig collection HERE

                                           art print -Leaf me- designed by Silke Bonde via The posterclub with thanks!