juglove - Sinnerlig

 photos elvs

"The beauty is in the details 
details made of natural materials as cork, ceramics and glass"

A little while ago I told you about the stunning coming Ikea collection - Sinnerlig
a collection "designed to engage the senses and increase our feeling of well being at home"

this weekend I finally had the occasion to feel and admire the furniture
 (oh that amazing day-bed) and the stunning accessories
 designed by Ilse Crawford of StudioIlse

 I was really curious and of the more than 30 pieces consisting collection (pure eyecandy)
the stoneware black/brown jug really caught my eye... 
it's a real addition to our house, timeless design that is not only very manageable
 in use but also very suitable to display in your house
 beautiful and simple as I love it so much,,,

do you have a favourite piece? 
you can find the whole Sinnerlig collection HERE

                                           art print -Leaf me- designed by Silke Bonde via The posterclub with thanks!


  1. Mooi en tijdloos inderdaad. Ik heb de glazen pot met kurken deksel meegenomen. Vind het een mooie collectie. Pascale X

  2. De glazen pot vond ik ook erg mooi... net zoals de flessen! Uit deze collectie kon ik eigenlijk alles wel meenemen... Goed dat we keuzes moeten maken! Maar ik ga vast nog een keer terug om nog een keer te bewonderen! fijne dag ;-)