back to normal...

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Hi there! I'm finally back after a great - very long - summerbreak
 I hope that you are all having a fantastic summer !

Just like last year we really had a great vacation at the south of France
where we visited the beautiful Provence again and also the Cevennes area 
(a mountain range forming part of the Central Massif ) where we enjoyed the pleasant
 Mediterranean climatethe great atmosphere and where we visited some wonderful 
authentic villages (with their unique markets) but also the famous summer festival of Avignon 
and the amazing Bambouseraie located at the foothills of The Cévennes valley,
 where we felt being in Asia at that moment!

"The Bambouseraie gardens are created in 1856 by Eugène Mazel and it's a unique place in Europe. 
The park of about 15 hectares is home to over 150 varieties of bamboo and a variety of exotic plants and remarkable trees. The route proposed visitors made ​​the journey to the forest of giant bamboo, the Japanese-inspired garden, through the Laotian village and the amazing valley of the Dragon. The Cevennes Bamboo also has a floral garden and a water garden  and even a maze ... " where we had lot's of fun with the kids!

The park is really worth to visit if you are in the area. 
The many and varied greens and the bamboo inspired me directly to 
restyle my house into an urban jungle when I came back!
 Really loved it...

After a wonderful time in France and some great weeks at the 
Dutch south-west coast (Zeeland) with my family it's also great to be home again and 
to be back in our normal rhythm. This week our holiday ends, the boys are going back to 
school but ofcourse I will try to keep this summermood a little bit longer and enjoy
 the sunny days as much as possible ;-) 

 have a great Sunday...