Pivot cabinet

In addition to all the Christmas inspiration and gift ideas in my mailbox today,  
the pressmail of Dutch table specialist Arco,  about the stunning Pivot cabinet
 (designed in 2008 by Shay Alkalay and his London-based Raw Edges studio)
 caught my attention immediately due to its beautiful timeless minimalist design

"Pivot  is a solid wood cabinet which is built on tall legs and features two drawers. 
The innovative aspect of this cabinet is the fact that the drawers can hinge, 
making it possible to open both drawers at the same time, which is impossible 
with a conventional set of drawers and just perfect  for storing 
small items and everyday necessities" 

Besides my favorites in oak, natural walnut and black,  Arco has launched
 the Pivot in a new palette of 12 urban colours  ranging from a rich petrol and stunning red 
to emerald green! Really love its beautiful and inventive design that will be a real 
eyecatchter for each room, dont you think so?