magazinelove - This Orient

"As we try to explore what the origins of all creative energy are, it is essential to face up to our own roots, and a lot of people already do. Our magazine is called 'THIS ORIENT. The name implies the idea that what we want to share already exists, yet is still waiting to be explored." © 'THIS ORIENT

I'm  a real magazine enthusiast and I love discovering and admiring new magazines!
This weekend I was so lucky to receive the stunning new (and second)  issue of
 this Orient  called "Sirens" .  This issue is dedicated to -  and filled with
 inspiring stories about female creatives that are working in different areas... 

The magazine is all about architecture, its residents and their art in a 
very pretty aesthetic style and I must say the magazine felt great in my hands,  
I really liked it! Besides the beautiful cover (I have this thing with magazinecovers) and
the great stories  I was pleasantly surprised by their amazing photos...
Very inspiring! 

This Orient is a nice addition to the world of magazines in my opion
you will find all about this issue here

                                                                           photos elvs (photo 2,4 via This Orient with thanks!)