New Fav - BEOplay A1

Sundaymornings are for slow starts dont you think so?
This morning - my first vacayweekend -  started with lots of coffee,
 listening to some good music and ofcourse with the 
best company...  my family :-) 

And it really was a fun day... A little while ago I was looking for a
 new portable bluetooth speaker to take with us  during our vacation to France, 
 or for cosy evenings with family and friends in the garden or just to use indoors. 
 I ended up at the products of B&O at online warehouse fonQ.  

Yesterday we finally received the Beoplay A1 Bluetooth speaker (designed by 
Danish designer Cecilie Mantz) and from that moment our home was filled 
with the most varied music because the speaker has accompanied the whole family during
 the day. Everybody wanted to try it - and keep it ;-) - and with its compact design
 (only Ø 13.3 cm) the Beoplay fits easily in the palm of your hand, but it's even easier to
 carry or hang it with the leather strap.  

And I must say, even tough the speaker is very small,  behind the aluminum case
 go two speakers, good for a peak power of 280 Watts and in addition, the stunning 
True360 sound is spread in all directions. So it doesn't matter where you place 
the speaker, the sound always reach your destination in a perfect way!

Beoplay A1 is designed to take its fair share of bumps and scrapes while still 
protecting the delicate drivers and electronics inside. The more it travels with you,
 the more stories it can tell,  they say at B&O, So it's just perfect to join us this week when 
we will travel to our sunny vacay destination at the South of France... 
Can't wait to try it out there and enjoy the cosy moments!

This post is made in collaboration with with FonQ | opinion, /styling, /photos/and text by elvs