COS x Studio Swine

 “Inspired by the famous cherry blossom festival in Japan,
 the installation is designed to create a special moment that brings people together. 
A fleeting shared experience that evokes a senseof the changing seasons.” 
— Studio Swine

Designed to use minimal resources, the installation presents ephemeral materials in astrange new context; delicate mist-filled ‘blossoms’ that disappear on contact with skin,but can be held by visitors wearing special gloves. Producing these blossoms is theinstallation’s bold centrepiece, a tree-like sculpture that references the ornate chandeliers of Milanese palazzos. 

Yesterday, when I opened my mailbox  I was pleasantly surprised by this stunning movie...

For the sixth year running COS is celebrating the design fair Salone del Mobile.
 Along with the London design duo Studio Swine they worked on New Spring, 
an interactive installation and experience for all the senses in the historic Cinema Arti.
Wished I could be there to admire it....