The Cité de l'Océan et du Surf and more...

Hi there! I'm finally back after a fantastic summerbreak
 I hope you all had a lovely summer !

Just like I hoped this year we really had the time to explore the French and
Spanish Atlantic blues at the Cote Basque and its beautiful inland. 

Beside the well known cities (like Biarritz, San Sebastian, Hendaye, 
Saint-Jean-de-Luz) the stunning beaches and the beautiful raw bays (la Corniche Basque) 
with its amazing waves, We also discovered how varied this region
 (Pyrenees-Atlantique) really is when we visited the Pyrenees and the surrounding 
traditional villages. Even tough it wasn't the first time that we were here 
we have discovered many new things.

Today some snapshots of  "The Cité de l'Océan et du Surf" in Biarritz.
One of the "mustgo" places on my list was visiting this stunning wave-shaped museum
designed by Steven Holl Architects in collaboration with Solange Fabião.
The design is based on the concept "under the sky" and "under the sea,"
The building features a strongly curving roof, which also shapes the space of the
 public plaza, tilted towards the horizon and the ocean. The very modern interior of 
the main space is white plaster and a wooden floor even provides under-floor 
wiring flexibilities. We have spend several hours at this very interesting and fun
 inter-active museum with its amazing view at the Ocean...