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This week I was invited to the Vitality launch of the
 five new design collections of IKEA and  I really had a very
 inspiring afternoon at the amazing location the XBANK Amsterdam!

With these 5 limited collections (the Användbar collection, 
the colorfull Giltig collection by British fashiondesigner Katie EaryThe Viktigt collection,
 the Glödande collection by Belgian designer Walter Van Beirendonck and
 the photographic ART-event 2016)Ikea explores new opportunities. 
The vitality collection is a way to new collaborations, materials and production processes.
 The lessons that Ikea has draw from this are the basis for new ideas and innovations
 that ultimately lead to new designs and new (limited) collections.

A little while ago I showed some pictures of the Viktigt collectionone of the five new 
design collections and I loved it from the moment  that I saw the first press images. 
The Viktigt collection (available from may 2016)  is a collaboration between Swedish ceramic designer  Ingegerd Råman and IKEA and is all about craftsmanship and simplicity.

  For me it was a real pleasure and very inspiring to meet Ingegerd at the launch and to talk 
about the stunning collection and her book about her work for Ikea, the atelier and her home. 

Today an impression of the displayed Viktigt collection at the launch!


  1. Prachtig Elvera! Ik wordt er hebberig van! ;)

  2. Ik was al fan, maar nu ik jouw prachtige foto's zie, kan ik helemaal niet meer wa heten tot het 1 mei is en ik dit moois in huis kan halen!

  3. Prachtige impressie elvera van een mooi event! Is het al mei? X

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