on the artwall - a new concept

As you all know I really like photos, 
graphic prints and posters on my wall
I have many posters but I always love to discover new ones, 
So when I saw this stunning wall, styled by talented 
interior stylist Sarah Widmanit really made me smile..

Together with the Wallstuff company, Sarah Widman has developed 
a new concept for the picture wall : The artwall concept. 

I think posters and prints are so great and they make it easy to change 
a room or to give it a new look in just two minutes.
For those who find it hard to create these kind of walls with
various prints and stylish combinations this concept is a 
perfect solution to have a beautiful compostion on your wall! 

read all about the concept here and see more of this stunning apartment here

                                                                                                                    found via residence with thanks!  photos: alice johnsson