Anne Black ceramics

I told you before how much I love ceramics, 
my kitchen and tableware collection have become a beautiful mix of all 
 kind of ceramics in different shapes and sizes and in my home 
I really love to combine ceramics with other home accessorries on decorative way

I was already familiar with the craftmanship of Danish ceramist Anne Black
Anne is designer and ceramicist from Copenhagen.
Her products are 100% handmade and skillfully crafted porcelain 
with a timeless design, created for everyday use.
 I just loved her decorative collection and when I was in Denemark 
this spring I also discovered her beautiful porcelain jewellery collection and at that moment
 I instantly fell in love with her designs and her style. 

This summer I had the opportunity to discover some pieces of the
   kitchen and tableware collection and I just loved the perfect
 combination of beautiful simplicity and functionality..

Today some snapshots of some of my personal favourites:
 the handmade tiles and the soy bowls (from the tilt collection) and the beautiful contain jar!

 find all about Anne, her work, the creative process and her collection here

ps. Have you seen Annes summerhouse? It was featured here at Boligmagasinet a while ago!

                                                                                                             photos elvs