dutch design - crisp sheets

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Today some snapshots from last week of my updated bedroom...

 Inspired by some new beautiful accessories,  
I have finally found the perfect designed crisp, cotton sheets when I read an older

 issue of ELLE magazine the other day and saw an article about  the bedding of crisp sheets, 
I have changed things up by moving the bench from the
 living to the bedroom and having some of my favourite things around me like my
 magazines, creams, prints and jewelry. 

To be honest, for me, one of the most difficult things to find is
 stylish bedlinen with an afforable prince. 
 Mostly I bought plain sheets because I couldn't find the modern minimalistic
 designed sheets that I was looking for and thtis is exactly why 
 Lara Jans, founder of Crisp Sheets, started her own label in 2014.  

For Lara it started when she moved in her new apartment and couldn't 
seem to find bedsheets that matched with her taste. 
She started visualizing how these sheets would look and feel and it
 did not take long before she started working on the designs and 
determining what kind of technique could give that crisp touch to cotton. 
After finding the right supplier "Crisp Sheets" was established.

 In my bedroom I love a minimal styling. 
The top surface of the sheets and pillowcases are printed in a peaceful blue 
aquarelle design (inspired by the five oceans and their beautiful ray of blues) 
They feel very soft and comfortable... very inviting and
they're just perfect to spend lot's of lazy weekend mornings!

once again I discovered that simply changing some details 
(or even just one photo of a magazine) really makes the difference!
beautiful simplicity...what do you think? 

find more about Crisp Sheets here 

PS. Besides beautiful sheets Lara also creates posters and postcards. When she started
 sketching for the bedsheets, she made a lot of designs,  not all of them where suitable 
for duvet covers, so she decided to create prints as well.