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Beautiful white painted brick walls, blond wood, a touch of black, 
marble, lot's of plants,  beautiful photos everywhere and a
 fantastic Scandinavian and  industrial atmosphere

Yesterday I visited the amazing & Others Stories shop that
 recently opened its doors in Amsterdam and it felt like entering
 a candy shop when I was a little girl!! 
& Other Stories is launched in 2013 as a luxury brand of H&M 
Meanwhile, the chain has opened shops in Barcelona, 
Berlin, Copenhagen, London, Milan, Paris and Stockholm.

The shop in Amsterdam consists 650 square meters (two floors) 
where you can find the complete fashion, shoe, bag, jewellery and
 beauty collection of the brand but also clothes of guest designers as
 british Sadie Williams, swedish A-S Dåvik and Lykke Li.

definitely worth a visit if you are in Amsterdam  to create your own 
personal style or story - focusing on the whole look - or to be inspired 
by this amazing store with great attention to detail

find the whole storie here

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