urban green

at rainy grey days like today
this beautiful inside urban jungle seen at livet hemma
 - with one of my favorite Ikea design classics PS VAGO - 
...makes me smile again!

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  1. Wauw wat een fijn balkon met al dat groen! Prachtig die stoelen van Ikea (toch weer eens langsgaan) en die kasten zijn ook gaaf zo!!!

  2. beautiful greenery :-) I love when we achieve to bring some nature at home and this picture is probably one of the best examples I have seen until now! Have a lovely day i.

  3. Looks amazing Elvera!

    We are trying to create something like that on our balcony but it looks like we have a huge safety problems: falling plants can kill people passing by... sigh.. I wish we had a place like this!

    Elena x

  4. Just Love it!!!I like your new look too!!! Have a great day!

  5. Lovely! What amazing space. Wish you a great weekend. Victoria