the Fantastic Frank webshop

I have always liked visiting Swedish brokerage sites with
 their stunning homefeatures created by the styling teams
 They have inspired me for so many times. 

In contrast to the Dutch brokerage sites, 
 I can find the most amazing interiors at the Scandinavian ones,
from minimalist whites to warm natural tones combined with
 monochrome accessories and stunning Scandinavan design funiture, 

Yesterday Fantastic Frank has announced the early release of their 
coming webshop that will be filled with unique products and furnishings.  
Absolutely Art is the first partner in the very inviting shop, where you 
can find the most stunning prints at the moment. 
The shop (temporarily restricted to the Stockholm office) 
will grow with a new partner every two weeks.  

For me the prints look very inviting and  I can't wait to admire
other unique pieces, I was already guessing what will be next!

 see more of the first collection here and
be inspired by the original choices...