Notebook love

Who doesn't love a good notebook?
Well I admit I have a huge addiction for minimalistic and stylish ones!
I always have a notebook in my handbag but also a couple at home. 
Mostly to write little notes and ideas but also to use them in the stillifes
 that you can find in several corners of my home. 

So when I read the words "I just love notebooks" at the FB-site of
Triple Pink a few weeks ago my attention was caught immediately.
Triple Pink is a dutch brand founded by creative designer Stella Maye. 
In her shop you will find Leather bags, accessories, 
fine jewelry and stationary. Not all products are designed by Triple Pink 
and when it comes to products, as the notebooks, 
that Stella Mae really likes herself you will find it in her shop! 

So what do you think of my latest purchase? 
The cover of this treasure (by Backstage)
 can be used both sides:  one side is black, the other craft.
Inside you will find blanco paper alternated with some craft pages. 

Do you like beautiful notebooks as much as I do?
Triple Pink is giving away a notebook... So if you do,
just leave a message below or at my IG account to let us know!
The winner will be announced Wednesday...

Congratulations Ellen (roze.aapjes) :-) you won the beautiful notebook!
please let us now your adres by sending a mail to elvsblog@gmail.com

photos/styling elvs