the sensual scent of Iceland

"inspired by a natural pool in the Icelandic highlands... "

Love her love for photograpy,  
visual illustrations and her feel to create 
the most distinctive fragrances based on her art works

a little while ago I was kindly invited by
 Icelandic visual artist & perfumer Andrea Maack to have a look at her 
beautiful and breathtaking instagram gallery and in addition to that beauty
I received a previewsample of her new fragance DUAL.

Dual is designed for the modern fragrance customers and will be one of 
the first launches of the new unisex fragrance collection by Andrea Maack 
 From the very first moment that I've smelled 
 this unique and fresh fragance,  this sensual scent of Iceland 
has definitely been noticed on my wishlist! 

DUAL will be launched before the holiday season 

                                                                                 photos 1,2,4 via Andre Maack photo3,5 elvs