By Gitte - designlove

I really like the ungoing trend of natural home accessories 
this week I have shared this apartment for sale 
where I was attracted by the great eye catching leather details

today I came across the website of  Gitte van Helvoirt
Gitte is the designer behind the dutch label By Gitte where
  I was attracted immediately by the beautiful nude coloured leather tray
but where I also totally fell for the stunning little purse (with a snaplock)
which is one of the newest designs in the By Gitte collection.

 this little purse,  made of organically tanned leather,
has 2 extra pockets made to hide bank/business cards.
 the eyecatching splashes are made with a special paint for leather
and will be available in Midnight blue and emerald green.

The splashed purse will be presented at Meesterlijk
an event for design, applied arts and food at Amsterdam, next month...
Until then you can find all about the beautiful work and products of By Gitte here

Gitte designs and produces fashion- and home accessories at her Studio located at Anrhem (Nl). 
Her fashion and interior accessories bind beauty and functionality and radiates natural luxury
All her products are hand-made and created with ecological felt, organically tanned leather and leftovers. 

                                                                                         photos via By Gitte with thanks!