Snorfestival 2015 tickets - giveaway -

               photos Zilverblauw with thanks! 

this giveaway is closed the winner is:
Tanja van Hoogdalem :-) congratulations! 

Do you kow the Snor festival
 I am very exited... in about two weeks (on Sunday 20 september)
  I will be visiting the Snor festival (Utrecht) for the first time!

The snorfestival is a creative festival where you can find inspiration in many senses, 
where you can join creative workshops, listen to music and where you can enjoy 
some nice drinks and good food. Snorfestival is a real family event, 
children will have a great time with all kind of activites especially organized for them! 
last year I have seen and heard a lot about this festival and this year
 I'm invited  to come and join a bloggersevent where a group of bloggers
 will share their impressions about all the activities that will take place that day, 
via social media or/and on their blogs

In addition to all these activities I'm really looking forward to a special moment at the festival :
 the launch of the new book of Zilverblauw called Shoot
This book is intended for everyone who wants to learn more about photography,
 without difficult words and technical slang.
 I admire the work of Ankie (founder of the Zilverblauw blog) her fabulous style,
 her amazing (analog) photos and great diy ideas for many years, 
 So I can't wait to discover this book! 
I would love to meet you there :-) Tickets are available here but I also may give away
2 tickets! to make a chance to win,  just leave a comment here or at my instagramaccount 
and I will pick a winner next friday!